sensual alphabet

Do you want to know the obscene thoughts and words that come directly to your partner's mind? If so, play the naughty game Lebisou Alphabet sensual!

Rules of the naughty game

Use the alphabet to pierce your partner's most secret thoughts!

Follow the thread of the alphabet, each in turn, by associating a word related to gender for each letter.

For example : L for love, P for pussy, A for Ass,...

It is up to you to decide which language you use: soft, hot, hard... !

Words can come close to sex in some way. For example, you can say C as in Chantilly and then explain that you would like to lick your partner's body by putting whipped cream on it.

Feel free to discuss among yourselves about the words chosen in each letter. I am sure you will learn a lot about your partner!

If either of you two get stuck on a letter of the alphabet, he has a pledge. Roll a die and kiss your partner's body part:

  1. Lips
  2. Ankle
  3. Neck
  4. Ear
  5. Behind the knee
  6. Below the belt

Variants of the game


Spike it all

Make the game even more difficult! To do this, give themes to the alphabet. For example:

  • What I like about it
  • What I would like you to do to me
  • ...

To say more

What if you replaced the words with sentences:

  • W as in whispering in my ear
  • T as in taking off my top
  • ....

Upside down

Why don't you start from the other side for this sensual alphabet game?


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