Naughty naval battle

Remember your naval battle games when you were a kid. Your objective was to sink your boyfriend's ships. How? How? Simply by guessing their hiding places! Today, Lebisou offers you a naughty version specially reserved for adults!

Naughty game

Play with your partner in the naughty game "Naval Battle". Now, your objective is to hunt down its erogenous zones. Do you know them all?


  • 2 pencils
  • 2 sheets of paper

Rules of the game

  1. Draw a grid on each sheet. The grid must contain 5 vertical and 10 horizontal boxes.
  2. Name the columns from A to E and the rows from 1 to 10.
  3. Each on his or her own, draw a human body on the grid.
  4. Mark with a cross your 5 most sensitive erogenous zones (ear, nipple, neck,...) A cross must occupy a square.
  5. Each in turn, state a box. For example, "A8". Your objective: find an erogenous zone!
  6. The other must answer "TOUCH" or "EMPTY"
  7. If it is EMPTY, proceed to the next round.
  8. If it's touching, your partner should tell you the erogenous zone you found. He must tell you what he likes about this erogenous zone: licking, snacking, stroking, kissing, slapping,... (e. g. licking ears).
  9. Let's get down to business! Reproduce in real life what has been confessed a little earlier.
  10. Continue until one of the 2 players finds all of the other's erogenous zones.

Why play?

The game "Naughty Naval Battle" encourages communication around sex and thus helps to overcome the embarrassing course that prevents many people from talking about their naughty preferences.

The other advantage of this game is that it forces you to think about the areas of your body that give you the most pleasure. And it's not that easy! Think about it carefully. In addition, you will learn in parallel the hottest areas of your partner. This will allow you, for the next few times, to give him pleasure more quickly!

Even after several years spent with his partner, I can assure you that this naughty game will surprise you! I'm sure you'll learn at least two erogenous zones from his body!


What are you waiting for to play?




Increase the number of "hot spots" in your body by adding more crosses on the naval battle grid.

Clothing: Why don't you replace the ships with your clothes?

For example:

  • Pants: 4 compartments
  • Tee-shirt : 3 étuis
  • Socks: 2 compartments
  • Bra: 2 compartments
  • ...

All you have to do is remove them when they are poured!


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