The LeBisou Charter

Community rules

LeBisou is a community that revolves around erotic games for couples.

It is possible to discreetly play with your partner, play dating games, chat with other players, or share your photos. The main rule is friendliness and respect for everyone, allowing the "LeBisou" spirit that characterizes the place to be maintained.

General rules

  • One Lebisou account = one real person. No fake accounts, no traps, no duplicates
  • The bisounaute must be kind, not judge, criticize, or mock
  • What happens on Lebisou stays on Lebisou, no copying of photos, videos, or discussions
  • Notify other players when stopping a game
  • Find out about the expectations and limits of other players
  • For those who are in a couple, set limits with your partner and respect them
  • Participate, comment, discuss, like ... and above all have fun!

Public photo gallery rules

  • No close-up sex shots are allowed outside of the "I show my dick" and "I show my pussy" categories.
  • No visible faces, unless the person posting the photo is the one whose face is shown.
  • You must be the main subject of your photo. Do not post a photo in place of your partner!
  • Anything the moderation team finds off-topic will be deleted without prior warning
  • The gallery open to all should suggest more than show, eroticism is the priority
  • Images from the web are not allowed
  • For all other galleries, respect the themes

Blurring and Image Access Rules

  • To maintain discretion and security of members, LeBisou reserves the right to blur certain images deemed too explicit.
  • These blurred images will be accessible in their unblurred version only to Premium members of LeBisou.
  • Members can choose not to have their images blurred by adhering to the "non-explicit" content criteria or by removing them themselves from the gallery.
  • LeBisou commits to respecting the choices of its members regarding the blurring and deletion of images.

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