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  • Quiz & Contest
  • Quick game (less than 3h)
  • Playable on one screen
  • Men domination
  • Female domination
  • 2 smartphone needed
  • Role play
  • Outdoor
  • On a day
  • More than 3 days
  • 2 or 3 days
  • Jeu coquin : sensual massage

    Sensual massage is a great way to boost your libido and that of your partner. LeBisou guarantees an intense, relaxing and naughty experience for your couple. Real preliminary, the erotic massage will take you to share a moment X with your partner.

  • Jeu coquin : this week, it's blowjob!

    This week, it's blowjob every day! Madam will have to meet your requirements. She will have to suck you every day of the week.

  • Jeu coquin : the naughty plumber

    It's decided today, Mr. DIY! There is plumbing to be done in the kitchen..... Naughty role-playing game. Spice up your relationship!

  • Jeu coquin : kissing corner

    Kiss each other! Discover on Lebisou a multitude of different kisses... on all parts of the body! Did you know that a kiss can be naughty, romantic, joking, gourmet,... ? It's up to you to find out! Lebisou helps you to diversify your techniques to kiss your partner.

  • Jeu coquin : the house, a naughty playground

    Turn your home into a real playground! Office, living room, laundry, ... and if you made love in every corner? LeBisou randomly selects a place and a position to do. Do not wait any longer and start playing this naughty scenario right now

  • Jeu coquin : charmeuse de serpent

    It is said that men are often easier to excite than women. And do you know how to excite your partner perfectly? Lebisou will turn you into a real snake charmer! Ready to have your partner's sex trained quickly? This naughty game will help you know what excites your man the most! Know that during the whole game, he is forbidden to touch you! It is you alone who must excite her: strip-tease, lap dance, caress,... Lebisou has a very beautiful naughty evening in store for you!

  • Jeu coquin : every day is enough with its pain

    Take up a daily challenge as a couple for 1 week and share, if you wish, the photos of your achievements with the LeBisou community.

  • Jeu coquin : become a certified member

    This LeBisou scenario allows you to get the "guaranteed authentic" medal needed for some of the game's features. Get it for free by sending the admin a photo of you. Thanks to this medal, you will be able to access new photo galleries as well as new naughty scenarios, like the LeBisou coach. As a reminder, this "Certified Member" medal is free, as is the rest of the LeBisou website.

  • Jeu coquin : challenge: 30 days of sex

    Your challenge: make love for 30 days! Take up this sex challenge with your partner!

  • Jeu coquin : do you know its limits?

    A little quiz to do as a couple to know how much Mr. knows Madame, and vice versa! Do you know each other's fantasies? His favorite positions? The sexual practices he would like to try? This LeBisou questionnaire will give you the opportunity to talk about sex in your relationship, to free you a little more. Without becoming a libertine, I'm sure that with LeBisou, you go push your limits and try new sexual experiences (anal penetration, double penetration, threesome, fellatio, slow sex, food, new places, ...).

  • Jeu coquin : a gentle awakening

    Wake up gently.... Take your time.... Let yourself be carried away by the intoxication of the night

  • Jeu coquin : role-playing game: naughty secretary

    Secretaries make all men fantasize! Turn into a sexy secretary and start a wild game on and under the desk!

  • Jeu coquin : introduction to lebisou

    Learn to play the many naughty LeBisou scenarios by following this mini-tutorial. LeBisou offers a large number of erotic scenarios to play as a couple or alone. The objective: spice up your sex life!

  • Jeu coquin : increasing the pressure

    Do you feel the strength to resist desire and support your man's pleading gaze for several days? Increase the pressure with this scenario of female domination. Madam, for this scenario, you will be a real teaser! Sir must be going completely mad to the point of only thinking about you all day long! Will he be able to resist your advances? Won't the wait, a few days, be too long for him? I can't tell you anything, but... know that this scenario ends in apotheosis! Realize together your sexual fantasy of domination by opting for a special naughty scenario "BDSM beginner".

  • Jeu coquin : madam dominates

    This time, it's Madame who takes over ... Sir, are you ready to answer Madame's slightest demands, even if you are attached? Madam your priority n ° 1: to take pleasure. # 2: consider only your man as an object of sexual pleasure. n ° 3: reach orgasm and finally n ° 4 (we have to ...): make ejaculate sir.

  • Jeu coquin : nude photography

    You will take 3 artistic photos of you, naked: 1 very soft photo, 1 medium and 1 naughty photo The second player will have to do the same, on his side ... Then, randomly, only one photo of your partner will appear on your screen. I hope for you that it will be the naughty photo!

  • Jeu coquin : a very gourmet coffee

    The scenario takes place in a bar, just in time for coffee. Will you be able to carry out all the requested actions together without being noticed by other customers? And if you reproduced together the scene of 50 darker shades, the sequence of 50 shades of Grey ? Will the lady have the courage to take her panties off?

  • Jeu coquin : crunchy meal at stepmom's house

    Challenge yourself during a family meal. Mother-in-law will be green with rage if she realizes what her daughter-in-law is going to do to her son. Are you ready to take up the challenge? This naughty game has been created especially for you. You who are bored during the endless family meals... Script created by Flore Cherry, journalist for Femme Actuelle and Union magazine.

  • Jeu coquin : a man to eat

    Would you like to have a companion at your side who is willing to give in to all your whims? To see him perform tasks that you never dared to ask him to do? To do this, simply run this scenario!

  • Jeu coquin : the thrill of the unknown

    Naked, in a hotel room, blindfolded and the door ajar. The lady will be visited by a man without knowing whether it is his partner, a friend or a stranger he has chosen. Will she be able to recognize the one she wants? What if a stranger arrives at the hotel before the gentleman? Are you a libertine couple? Sir, will you accept that Madam takes pleasure in having pleasure with a sex other than yours?

  • Jeu coquin : madam is venal

    Pretty woman, how about it? Become an escort girl who can't be reached for one night. Your friend will have to send you a reservation to make love with you. He will have the right, for a fee, to ask you for his fantasies and the most unspoken benefits. Play now the naughty LeBisou "Madame est venale" scenario. Follow the instructions on your screen one by one to satisfy your desire to become a luxury whore for one night.