Frequently asked questions

The LeBisou FAQ

My account

Why create an account on LeBisou? What are the benefits?

By creating an account on, you benefit from many advantages:

  • access to all naughty games online,
  • access to the entire section " YOUR PHOTOS AND VIDEOS " (lists all the photos and videos published by the Bisounautes.)
  • Chat with other members,
  • Reception of newsletters: tips, trend, photo challenge of the week, ...
  • The game will remember your first names, preferences, and your progress
  • You can vote and comment on photos /videos
  • You will be able to play several games and at a distance

Create your account now and join the LeBisou Community!

How to create an account?

Creating an account on LeBisou is simple, fast, secure and free. Click on the link at the top right of the home page: Registration . Only 4 informations will be asked you: first name, pseudo, date of birth, and e-mail address

How do I connect?

You must click on login /registration at the top right of your screen.

Can I change his email address?

To edit your email address, please contact an administrator via the contact form .

What is a nickname?

A nickname or nickname is a nickname. It allows you not to let you know about Lebisou under your real identity.

How to change my username?

You can change your nickname at any time in your account. I'm going to my account .
If the change is refused, it means that the nickname has already been taken. Contact us directly in case of any problem, or if you want a particular nickname via the contact form .

How to create an avatar that looks like me?

Create your avatar directly in your personal space . You can change it at any time.

Can we change sex (from female to male or vice versa) if there is an error?

Drop all your current games and change your gender in your profile .
if there is a problem, ask for the change via the contact form .

How to recover your password?

Click Sign In at the top right of your screen and click forgotten password ?
If you were a member of the old version (before 2015), you must recreate an account. Old accounts are no longer valid on the new LeBisou site.

What are Karma points?

The more you participate in the LeBisou community, the more you earn Karma points!
We can not reveal all the little secrets of awarding points but we advise you:

  • exchanging with friends and other kissers to earn karma points,
  • to play different scenarios with your partner,
  • post photos and videos and like the ones you like,
  • to participate in challenges and games
  • to get the most medals possible
  • ...

Clicking on it will take you to the general ranking.
Warning ! The acquired karma points are not definitive. You can win them as well as lose them when idle on LeBisou.

How to appear in the TOP 100 KARMA?

The ranking is updated daily. It lists the top 100 most active site members by ranking them by karma points.
Do you want to make friends? Use this ranking to chat with the most active members!

How to win more medals?

There are many medals to win on LeBisou.
The best known and the easiest to get:

  • Mail validated
  • In a relationship
  • Chat Expert
  • Curious Player
  • Certified member
  • ...

click here .
Medals are available to members.
The more medals you earn, the more you will be a recognized member of the community.
We challenge you to win them all!

How to become a certified member?

To become a certified member, thank you for sending to us by the game "become certified member" available in "couple games" a photo of you with the inscription LeBisou (written, drawn, ... ). This ensures that you are not a virtual person!
Authentic guaranteed members have a dedicated private photo gallery.

How can I stop receiving notifications?

If you no longer want to receive notification emails, you can edit your settings directly on your profile: PREFERENCES .
Do not forget to save your changes!

How to delete your account?

You must log on to LeBisou with your credentials and then access your account. You have a delete button.
Attention, this action is irreversible and leads to the deletion of all your published photos and videos!

Your photos and videos

How to post a photo or video?

To post a photo or video, you must select a category that matches your photo. For example: I SHOW MY PUSSY, THE PHOTO CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK, ...
You can then write a text and add a photo /video.

Are there any restrictions on posting photos?

All rules are listed on the chart . Please consult it before publishing your 1st photo.

Can I remove my photos from the gallery?

You can click on your avatar at the top right, then click on GALLERY and delete your photo by clicking on "delete".
You can also go directly through your private gallery in photos /videos

How do I add photos to my private gallery for my couple?
You can add photos to your private gallery . In this gallery, you will need to choose the recipient of the photo. If you choose your spouse for example, only you and he can see this picture.

Can I post multiple photos on the same theme?

You can post multiple photos on the same theme, just go to PICTURES in the menu up, then select the right gallery and send your photos.
If the number of photos in the same series is large (more than 5), contact us to see the best way to publish your gallery.

The community

I want to get in touch with others, how should I do?

To get in touch with other members, we recommend that you chat with them or send them a private message.
You can also post pictures of yourself on the different galleries to make them want to get in touch with you ...
You can add as a friend the members you like the most by looking at the photo galleries and clicking on their avatar.

Can I log out of the chat to make myself invisible for a game?

You can choose to be invisible on the chat by clicking on AUTHORIZED TCHAT. Your status will change to TCHAT REFUSE.
Be careful, remember to change your status to AUTHORIZE to be able to communicate again with other users.

How to add another friend member?

To add someone as a friend, you can go to his profile page and click on "ADD FRIEND". He will then receive your request by email.
In order to play GAMES MEETING with another member, you must have him as a friend. Otherwise you will have to choose the player named "unknown" in the game, and a player will be randomly assigned to you for the game.
If your partner does not have a LeBisou account, you can send them an invitation by adding their email address. He will automatically become your friend and you can play with him.

Hello, is it possible to introduce the game to friends by sponsoring them?

You can invite them as a friend to a game. If they agree to create an account, you will become their sponsor.
You can also give us directly by the contact form their email address. An email presentation of the LeBisou site will be sent to them.

How to remove a friend?

Click on your avatar at the top right, then go to MY FRIENDS .
You will be able to accept or reject friend requests, or delete friends already associated with your account.

Can I access all chat history with a friend?

The chat is limited to 20 messages. The photos, they remain visible in the private galleries.
If you'd like to retrieve an old post in particular, contact us and we can help!

The games

I want to submit a gameplay, how should I do?

You can send us your synopsis ideas via the contact form .
The rule is simple to make a scenario of quality: play the front, if you manage to make a complete game, it is that you can propose it to the other players without worries;)

How to download the mobile app?

Click on the 'mobile app' link in the footer of the site. If you have an Apple device, you can go directly to the Apple Store and search for "lebisou" (free application).
Google play is angry with us because it finds the game too erotic, but you can download the app directly to APK via the link above, or find it on the Amazon appstore (free)

How do I unlock other scenarios?

All scenarios are open to LeBisou members. New naughty games will be added regularly, do not hesitate to ask us what kind of games you want to play!

I can not find a way to invite a new person to play! How do you do it?

First, choose your scenario. The next page will ask you to invite another player in the right column.

How to play as a couple?

For playable games on a screen, you just need your partner's name to enter it.

What do the pictograms mean next to the scenarios on the home page?

Simply leave your mouse on the pictograms (without clicking) and the explanation appears. The pictograms are also explained at the top of the homepage.

My partner has access to the games "For love of the little words" and "Oops I forgot my pants" for example, but not me, why?
Only women have access to certain games, which are single-player scenarios for girls. To play two must choose other scenarios

I would like to know how to start playing and how to start a game with my partner?
You have to go to the scenario selection page and then register your partner as a player. She will then be invited to the game and you will be able to play together.
The game is primarily for couples.

I want to share my photo while I'm playing?

Sending live photos via a scenario is not always possible. You can still share your photo at the end of the game, in the section GAMES CHALLENGES AND SCENARIOS . or via chat

Can I play as a couple with only one email address?

There must be 2 accounts and therefore 2 different e-mail addresses to participate in remote scenarios.
For example, quizzes are gone. You do not have to be on the same screen to avoid seeing the spouse's answers.
With a single account, you can access only certain scenarios. Click on the "playable on one screen" tag in the list of scenarios.
However the game takes all interest from a distance, so I encourage you to create an email address each (on Gmail for example)

Why can not I access all games?

All scenarios are accessible only after confirming their account. Check that you have clicked on the confirmation email LeBisou received.
You can request a referral of the confirmation link by clicking on your avatar and going to "my account"

Can I check the game history?

It is currently not possible to return to a completed game. This is a feature that we will soon add to find the history of previous parts.

How to play with others?
To play with a stranger, you have to start a game in the GAME OF MEETING box after creating your account and validated your email. On most scenarios you can also choose in your friends the people with whom you will play.

I can not comment or like a picture of another member I am automatically redirected to the homepage, why?

You can interact with other Bisounautes only after confirming your e-mail address. Check that you have clicked on the confirmation email LeBisou received.

The chat

How to create or join a chat room?

Simply open the chat, click on "salon", then enter the name of the show to create or join. If the salon does not exist, it will be created.

How to delete a chat room?

At the moment it is not possible to delete a room.

How to share photos with multiple people?

The best way to share content with your Bisounautes friends is to create a chat room. All photos /videos posted will be visible to the people participating in the group. If you want the content to stay hidden, name your living room so that no one can find it by chance.

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