These men who have realized their fantasies...

We are fortunate to have received some superb naughty testimonies to the question "Have you ever realized one of your fantasies?" And the written answers are HOT, we'll tell you right away!

In couple

"One evening we realized one of our fantasies. We stopped in the parking lot of a beach to make love at the risk of finding voyeurs (actually I would have liked to!) but nobody! It was so good. On the way back, we couldn't resist stopping at the entrance of a small road on the side of the road. I took my wife off the hood of the car and it was divine! »

 "One of my best moments was when I discovered sodomy. My partner was lying on her back in a very exciting outfit, with her feet on my chest. She invited me to enter her, where I had never been before. »


"Tied to the bed, my wife pushed me to the last of my entrenchments by exciting me in many different ways but always stopping just before the fateful moment. An exciting moment like never before mixed with a little frustration but quickly filled by a new and even more intense excitement. We wish it would never stop. Just thinking about it turns me on. I hope to have the chance to relive this experience. »


 "The discovery of sodomy was like a gift from my wife. A real moment of sharing and discovering new sensations for both of us. It was sweet but transgressive, beautiful but terribly exciting. »

With strangers

"Sleeping with a beautiful stranger, met at a libertine site. I had never seen her before the moment M. She was beyond my expectations! »


"I remember one day I set up a meeting with three women. I went to the first one in the morning, at 1:00 p. m. to the hammam with the second and third ones in the evening at the hotel. At that time, I had only exchanged with them by telephone or social networks. "Tom Joad


 "Once I had the chance to meet a woman who had given me an appointment at her workplace. Locked in the toilet, she started by taking off her pants, I was very excited, she made me enjoy her panties she was wearing, letting me look good. She started to caress herself, getting very wet. She invited me to come and lick it. I didn't have to be asked! I licked it long and hard. She had a lot of fun there. Once her panties were soaked, she took them off and put them in my pocket. We left quickly and never saw each other again. I still have a very good memory of it. It still excites me just to think about it.... »



"One evening for the birthday of a friend of my wife's. After starting to drink, the atmosphere warmed up slowly until the three of us finally had sex together."


"For my 40th birthday, I asked as a gift a 4-way trip with a couple we had dated a few times. My girlfriend had rented a nice hotel room for 4 for the occasion. Glass shower, whirlpool bath, dance pole,... To get into the atmosphere of a sex party, we launched a little naughty game Lebisou.  We gave up the game before the end to indulge in the pleasure of sharing. »


 "After a scary walk and a good restaurant in the evening, we went to a libertine sauna in Toulouse. My friend, necklace around her neck, is free. Under my protection and after a selection according to his criteria, has all the available men, being able to be satisfied with his orifices. After this intense evening, she wishes to repeat this excellent evening. »


"Yes... an evening in a club... several couples, a small alcove and a total let go! Hands wandered, bodies too, and for two hours we mixed, exchanged, uncovered. We didn't really know who was who and it didn't really matter anymore. Only the softness of each contact and the pleasure we get from it mattered. It was unreal, almost dreamlike but so delicious! adam02


"Making love in front of a couple on webcam. »

"I've already realized the fantasy of sleeping with a young lady in seawater, in front of a few beach people."


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