Top 10 male fantasies

During the major survey on Lebisou fantasies, you were asked to describe your most naughty fantasy. This blog article lists the main male sexual fantasies.

TOP 1 - Threesome

We have found that many men fantasize about having sex in a group. We received a large number of responses to this effect.

The fantasy of love at 3 is the one that comes up the most in your descriptions.

The submission

"Three-way sex with my wife and her lover. May they both be dominators over me. »

"To be me and my wife, submissive and sexual slave to another woman. »

"To be blindfolded, at the mercy of two women. »

"Being tied to the bed. My wife sodomizes me with a large waist belt dildo while masturbating strongly. Another woman forces me to lick her anus."

"Be submissive and serve while being kept on a leash by 2 women during an aperitif. »

The domination

"Dominate my girlfriend with the help of another girl. »

2 women

"Getting undressed by two women with insistence, finding myself naked while they are dressed. They drag me to the bed, force me to lie on my back. While one immobilizes me by sitting on my chest, the other ties my hands to the head of the bed. They then do the same with my ankles and thighs, spreading them wide apart. They put a blindfold on me before they strip their clothes off. They then play with all my body with their hands, feet, tongues, teeth, breasts, thighs, buttocks and sexes, taking pleasure and exciting me to the highest level without ever making me come despite my pleas.  After this ordeal, we could reverse the roles by alternating oral sex and penetration and then water their faces with sperm and have me licked with application. »

 "Making love to three of us with two women. I would love for my sweetheart to let herself go to a bi woman. To be able to take her in a doggy style while she makes a cunni to our partner. »

"Making love with my wife and a professional (X star or escort girl)"

"A surprise from my wife. She's waiting for me at home with another woman, in the middle of an act. I'm joining them. »

"Finding two women who are doing themselves good without them knowing I'm looking at them. I masturbate. After a while, they invite me to join them. »

"To offer my wife a sensual massage by another woman. She'd be blindfolded. Gradually, the massage would become more naughty and I would join them. »

"Blowjob with two women together. »

"Making love with strangers you met on a train. »

2 men

"Submit my girlfriend to a threesome. Allow him to have a double penetration. »

"Watching a man make love to my wife and then make love to her after licking her pussy full of semen. »

"I photograph my wife under the palm trees near the beach. A stranger approaches, finding her very sexy (she is dressed provocatively). He sees that I let him do it, he touches her, undresses her quietly and they fuck together while I film all this. Then I will join them. »

"I'm watching my partner get caught by a very well-membered stranger. When she has come well, I take the guy's cock in my mouth, clean it and jerk the guy off until he splashes on my girl's face. »


champagne sensuel


TOP 2 - Gang Bang

Making love to several people

Reverse gang bang

"Making love with several women, without any limits. »

"To be dominated by several women. »

"A large room with naked women aged 16 to 60 tied in a circle (unable to move, leaning forward, head turned towards other captives), held against their will and dependent on my pleasure and contentment to survive. A kind of perverse and cruel game where I would be the only master on board and a harem of frightened victims. »

 "Receiving oral sex by several women. »

"Several women to take care of me, some of whom have dildos with belts. »

Gang bang

"Participate in a huge gang-bang and see my wife covered in sperm. »

"Let my girlfriend join a gang-bang"

"Watching my wife release her pleasure with other men and every time she watches me jerk off and tell her how much I love her. »

"My kneeling wife surrounded by guys jerking off above her, slapping her off... she masturbates them and sucks them until they all come on her, her face and her breasts full of sperm. »


"An orgy and with each new body that is added, the mass grows, shudders, vibrates more and more quickly, powerful its vigour in the strength of the newcomers. Who penetrates whom? Whining in response and their songs, such as indecent sirens, call the tasty lovers to the very depths of orgasm. »

"Being on a chair in the middle of a room with arched chairs around me. Being naked, my partner sensually taking care of me. Many couples are gradually arriving and settling around us. They all masturbate, kiss in pairs and then change partners following the excitement of seeing us. »

"A lasting relationship with another couple based on fetishistic and bisexual soft domination games. »

"Watching my wife have sex with several men while a woman gives me a blowjob. »

"For me it would be to walk through the door of a libertine club with my wife. And together we let ourselves go to a group sexuality without restraint. Seeing her having fun with another person and seeing me having fun with another person. »

"At a swingers party with another couple and a man. Women caress each other. I offer a trio with double penetration to my darling in front of the "voyeur" couple! The scene makes the wife of the other couple want to be initiated in front of her husband, first reluctant to the idea of sodomy, then in front of the show offered by my beautiful, she asks to be initiated in front of her husband! My darling takes tender care of her breasts while I "prepare" her! This is followed by a game with 3 men and 2 women... »

Top 3 - Anal

Double penetration; sodomy; anilingus: these are the fantasies of men in 2017.

"Back from the evening. My girl is terribly sexy. We make love in a hot way, with our mouths, our hands, our sexes. She offers me her anus for a slow and sensual sodomy.... I finally come into her. »

"My wife, downstairs + suspender belt, dressed only in a bra that highlights her pretty chest, mounted on one of her pairs of pumps. So exciting, she gives me a blowjob for which she has the secret, while having fun with my anus. I have always wanted to verify the thesis of point P in humans. »

"Getting sucked while I'm being penetrated"

Top 4 - Exhibition

"My wife is in a crazy sexual state. She wants to have sex everywhere, all the time. »

"Let my partner totally guide me and surprise me: try to tempt me in public places but hold back, see yourself for a few days until you explode and jump on top of each other, whether it's fast, wild, salacious, fusional, in the bathroom, a cinema, or an elevator, with a little domination each in turn. »

"That my wife agrees to do what I ask her to do during a sex party that I will film"

"A beautiful stranger asks me to make love to her "right now" in an unusual place where we have just met. »

Top 5 - Role-playing game

"With a doctor in his office. »

"Playing gynecologist with a speculum. »

messidor fellation

"Lead my wife while I film her doing a scenario I created (tender preliminary and oral followed by the introduction of a rosebud and penetration into the Andromache position). A real pornographic movie. »

Top 6 - BDSM

By analyzing your different fantasies, we realized that a certain number of men were attracted to the world of BDSM (Bondage, Domination, SadoMasochism). Find in this paragraph their naughty fantasies.


"To be tied up and abused by a transsexual, let her enjoy in me (either in the rectum or in my mouth)"

"Being submissive to my wife while disguised as a maid. »

"Be subjected to an unscrupulous dominatrix in a latex suit. »

"To be a sexual object that everyone could use. »

"Playing the bitch at the feet of a mistress. »

"I like to be taken by my partner like a bitch. I like it when she dominates me, when I'm her whore. She holds me on a leash, urinates on me to mark me and then sodomizes me. All this while being a transvestite. »

"To be subjected (without anal penetration) by a woman met in the evening by chance and who, after warming me up, takes me home. She ties me up to play with me and dominate me completely. »

"Let my girlfriend punish me with a whip and then tie me to the bed to do what she wants with me. »

"My wife locks me in a chastity cage and turns me on."

"A moment with an experienced dominatrix dressed in a latex combi and high heels. »

 "I'm the only man at a tea party for women in a large living room. The housewife asks me to lick them one after the other. Cunnilingus are noted. If I get a good score I would be allowed to drink their urine to avoid them going to the toilet. Then I can take the woman of my choice and make her come for a long time. »

"To be the submissive of a very dominant woman in a spacesuit. »

"Being a transvestite and subject to a woman for a week. To be a maid to serve her, at her feet to satisfy her, and tied up to be humiliated. With all the accessories that go with it (latex clothing, chastity cage, butt plug, gags, strap on...)"


"Dominate my girlfriend for a weekend and make love to her as I want, where I want. »
collier bdsm

"Walking a woman on a leash. »

"Role-play with my partner and possibly another partner. We would be in a world where men totally dominate women (chronic type of gor). She (s) would become my slave. First I will have to capture her (playing in the forest), hinder her, drive her to a dungeon where I will have to train her to make her a slave of pleasures... »

Top 7 - Places

Many places are exciting, don't you think? They are even real sexual fantasies for many men.

Many men talked about the cinema, the public swimming pool, the plane (or private jet), the fine sandy beach on a private island, in a sauna,...

"In the middle of a field, with a storm, under a hot summer rain. »

make love on a jet ski in the middle of the sea

"In the middle of the sea, on a jet ski. »

"Making love in the Orient Express. »

"Making love in the forest. »

"Making love in space, in weightlessness. »

"Making love in a fitting room of a lingerie store. »

"I fantasize about spending a week on a libertine vacation in a hot country. Where sun, sea and lust would be our only goal. Sex for sex for sex.... »

"Take my wife naked on the hood of my car in the middle of the countryside. »

Top 8 - At work

These fantasies are unclassifiable. Even after several days of reflection, we still don't know which category to put them in!

"Go to the office and find sexy underwear on my desk. Identify the culprit and "punish" her as she deserves. »

Top 9 - Nudity

"I would like to be naked among dressed women (CFNM: clothed female naked male)

bouche femme sexy

"Being a fetishist of beautiful feminine lingerie, I would love for a pretty and very naughty stranger to give me her wet panties, to take them off in front of me, not to hide and let me admire them, or why not invite me to help make them all wet with a little tongue... then to leave without turning around... »

"Do a public striptease and masturbate. »


Top 10 - Shifted

I love these fantasies, and what do you think about them?

"Having a sex at the tip of each finger to make love to 10 women together. »

"To be the only man in the playboy mansion. »

"Making love with two twin sisters. »

 "I would like a beautiful woman to massage my whole body. This massage would become sexy. She would oil her body, her chest, her buttocks... so that her body would slide on mine. She would continue to masturbate me, with her hands, breasts and mouth, then play with my sex and introduce it into her holes in a very sensual way. »


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