The Saleswoman

The Saleswoman

First meeting over a coffee

Spring had been well established for a while now. My clandestine encounters had been dormant for a few months, due to lack of time, interest, and opportunities above all.
There had been some approaches, but the chemistry isn't always obvious, and there can also be differences in what we are looking for. But there were two women with whom I got along well, to see if we could awaken those "butterflies in the stomach" with one or the other, even both, but I don't like to spread myself too thin.
I decide to meet the first one over a coffee. She is interesting, but nothing had particularly ignited within me. So I try my luck with the second one a few days later.
This second woman I met has always fascinated me from the beginning, a beautiful woman, chestnut-haired with light eyes, approaching her forties. She is the one I call the saleswoman. She is unconventional, works a bit on a whim, does not communicate intensely, is hard to reach, hard to set up dates with, and has a schedule that always has her between two professional appointments. A mundane family life, a husband, two children who are quite grown up, and therefore more or less autonomous.
She can be completely silent for a few days, even seem distant or just write a "Hi, have a good weekend" of dull banality, almost as if she just wanted to show she exists and is thinking of me, without going any further. But given the opportunity, she can ask if she can call me because she has a possible time slot, and we stay on the phone for the entire duration of our journeys or until the conditions are no longer suitable for talking freely. With her, there has never been any opening of photo albums; she had straight away asked for a video call! For her, it was the best way to get a real opinion, like a job interview. I had accepted it as a gamble, and it turned out to be a winning one. She has incredible audacity and confidence, masters what she does, is a bit dominant and a bit manipulative. She also has a sense of frustration at not having much time to herself, like a little Cinderella. This is a constant in my encounters with non-single women; they first seek the adrenaline of the early days, to rediscover themselves as a woman and not just as a perfect wife and mother. To relive in a small secret fairy tale garden, populated by princes and princesses.

Discretion assured

We had already met twice in person, including the first time less than a week after that famous video call. It's really step by step; she told me she wants to take her time, it's something that has to come from far away, not a superficial whim. I quickly noticed that things can stagnate but wake up suddenly, without beating around the bush or fuss! She had already revealed herself gradually, and I learned details about her life, confidences that I consider extremely precious, a sign of trust that warms my heart. She takes her time to choose; she doesn't want a man looking to settle down with her, who would blow up her world and her family that she loves, her happy life, to follow him. What she wants is the same thing as me, that "friendship ++" relationship.
She also seeks a lot of discretion; she asked me what I did for a living and asked me to be particularly discreet when I'm at work, without giving more details (I'll come back to that later). She hadn't given me her real first name for a very long time, but only half-hid that it was a pseudonym. The day she finally gave it to me, I knew she would trust me completely from then on!
She hadn't hidden that she had many options, but I told her I don't care about the "competition"; I have nothing to prove to others, I have my life, and I had already proven to myself that I am capable of bouncing back and finding others if needed...
The context is set up; it is important and is part of what follows.
We sporadically sent each other some fairly hot photos, in single view; she had initiated this herself. We saw each other again for an entire afternoon, and the tension rose crescendo until we finally kissed, even in public, although I usually avoid doing that.
She tells me she will soon go on vacation. I tell her I'd like us to see each other before, as the last time we had seen each other was over a month ago. Beyond two months without seeing each other, it's really too long, even for an extramarital relationship. The virtual will never completely compensate for the real.
So she suggests that famous Tuesday, as she'll be working nearby. I tell her that's fine, I'll take the afternoon off. She asks me, "Where? At the hotel? At least there's a shower and air conditioning!"
That's when I understood it was a new step forward; we don't go to a hotel just to talk about what we could discuss over a coffee! Perhaps also to "lock me in" before she goes away?
I send her a voice message the next day, telling her that I really appreciate her proposal. I book a hotel room.


In a hotel room

On Tuesday late morning, just a message "see you later, I can't wait", she's saving her words! In fact, I still couldn't believe it, I didn't know exactly where I was with her, a bit lost, I didn't know her rhythm well, she just knew she had total control, not because of my own laziness but out of respect for what she wants. Nothing was clear and certain, doubt was allowed until the last moment.
I leave work, I pick up some sandwiches and desserts, I already had my bag with a bottle of wine and a small Bluetooth speaker. I head to the hotel. Always that feeling, always the same, even though I've done what I do many times, I still have that adrenaline! The day I don't have it anymore, that's when I'll have to question the validity of what I'm doing.
Arriving at the reception, the receptionist asks me if we're having breakfast… The foolproof way to catch that I'm here just for a sexual encounter! I go up to the room, drop off my stuff, and set everything up.
I paid for a room with a shower, so I take advantage of it to take a good shower right away. I lie down on the bed, with music playing in the background. I noticed that there was still a lot of traffic in a hotel even in the middle of the afternoon. I doze off.
Then suddenly, there's a knock on the door! I wake up with a start!
Gosh, I just hope it's her and not hotel staff disturbing my peace!
I open the door, it's her! My eyes sparkle, warmth rushes through me, I'm so happy to see her and not in just any context!
We exchange a few pleasantries and she asks me if I don't mind her taking a quick shower. It was quite warm without being scorching that day, and she was coming straight from work, so a shower is indeed a good idea…
She locks herself in the bathroom while still chatting through the door
She comes out in a bathrobe, so she had everything planned! She apologizes for making herself at home! No problem, let's get comfortable.
I pour her a glass, offer her something to nibble on, we chat about our previous conversations or meetings. We sit on the bed, she's at the other end. As if she wasn't sure what she was doing here, unlike her usual confidence. I think she must be feeling a bit guilty, it's normal, it's up to me to make her feel comfortable, we're just two people wanting to have a good time, maybe a unique one.
She notices that I'm discreetly trying to check out what her bathrobe barely hides, her voluptuous breasts, her slightly plump thighs. She tries to hide the obvious. I know she's had bi experiences, I ask her for some juicy details. She talks openly about it, she is actually "allowed" by her husband to have homosexual relationships, but not heterosexual ones.
Time goes by, I want to kiss her. My tiny attempts were nipped in the bud, she was backing away… Well, I'll let her do it, we'll see, my confidence is already not exceptional. But I feel her, despite everything, we're comfortable. She's playful. So I play with her. She puts down her glass. She talks to me about I don't remember what, looking me straight in the eyes, a gaze that pierces my soul. I was sitting, and she pushes me with a flick of her finger to lie down, like a stereotype from an adult film. At that moment, she makes her decision and lets me know clearly! While continuing her conversation and looking me straight in the eyes, she straddles me! She rubs her pussy on my cock, which gets harder and harder through my pants! She tells me, look into my eyes, don't look away! She removes her bathrobe, and now she's in her underwear. A form of domination that I absolutely loved! I very rarely get the chance to be dominated, even though I sometimes ask for it! She's in control, and I'm at her command!
I grab her butt, moving her hips, always connected with her soul. She makes little whimpers. She takes off her bra, revealing her opulent breasts, beautiful and large. On this occasion, I discover her belly; I think she was embarrassed by the marks of her pregnancies, stretch marks, but I don't care at all, I'm not a model either!

Female Domination

She arches her back, I have a view of her crotch, I touch her pussy through her black panties, she is wet with desire!
Suddenly, we switch roles! I grab her, lay her down, passionately kiss her, and move down to her neck. She shudders! I have introduced her to licking and nibbling in a particular spot on the neck, which she is very sensitive to!
I move down to her delicious breasts, which she is also very sensitive to... Every woman has her sensitive spots, which are often the same, but not with the same intensities! I avoid her belly more or less because I understood that she was a little ashamed of it; it's not what she shows off... I quickly take off her panties and dive into her soaked pussy to devour it! I order her to look into my eyes, roles are reversed, and I am the dominant one at this moment! I give her a look of "tasting a treat" as I focus on her clit. She writhes in pleasure, and I take advantage to slip one, then two fingers into her hole. She is quite tight, hot, and very wet, mmh...!
She says to me "fuck me!" No, you will wait; I'm not finished, and I decide when I'm going to fuck you!
I remove my boxers and only gently rub my cock head between her large lips; she loves it! She almost begs me to fuck her! I am now ready; I get up and, while looking for a condom, we quickly address the famous question... with or without. I have great confidence in her, and it is mutual, but we agree without discussing it, that it will be with.
Anyway, this passage lasted only the time to put one on. I jump on her, penetrate her in this entrance of pleasure, and it's just perfect! She is into it; she doesn't fake anything; she's dripping! First missionary, then I lift her legs. She tells me to take her doggy style; she loves it! She turns around, and I discover a beautiful tattoo with a kind of fairy on her right shoulder! While fucking her, I admire the tattoo artist's work; so that's what a back tattoo is for!
She lies on her side, a spoon position. I slightly lift her thigh to enter her as deeply as possible, gently at first, then more vigorously.
She decides to take control of the game, pins me down on the bed, and gets on top of me. I fuck her with immense pleasure, and we experience an intense connection!
Suddenly, she tells me to stop! Damn, I thought she was having a syncope! She was trembling all over, her legs were shaking, and she had taken off to Mars!
But I wasn't done yet; I held back to come back stronger. I keep thrusting; she's screaming, she can't take it anymore. I come, I let go, and I fly to join her on Mars!
Totally fulfilled, we lie down, her head on my shoulder, cuddling after the storm of sensuality.
We talk, exchange for a long time, have a drink, and she finishes the vanilla éclair that I brought her. She tells me she's going to take a shower. I ask her if there's enough room for both of us? She tells me to come and check! So we both go in.
A moment of tender mutual hygiene, like lion cubs.

I Still Want Her

But I still want her! I rub myself between her buttocks, she says, no no, you can knock all you want, nobody's coming in here today!
She turns around, we kiss, she takes soap from the dispenser, and washes me all over! 
She knew about the subject of "pleasure through the ass", one of the few sexual topics we had discussed together. She bends down, takes my cock in her mouth, and takes her other hand to caress my balls then gently inserts a finger into my rectum and sucks me harder and deeper, looking straight into my eyes like a little bitch in heat! But she's talented, this little one with her "little" experience! I end up coming in her mouth because she was so good at it! I couldn't stand up anymore, my legs were shaking!
We finish washing and go lie down. We still have about half an hour before we have to leave. She confides a lot of things to me. Me too... but without going too much into the subject of my previous clandestine girlfriends, of course, despite her few questions. In fact, she was worried about the story of my first girlfriend, the one I was really in love with to the point of thinking about leaving my wife, but the circumstances and my state of mind were not the same at all! Everything had changed since then! We come back to her fear that I will explode her life.
She asks me if now that I have the opportunity, would I fuck a friend or colleague's wife? I tell her, friends, no, clearly, I've never done it and I'll never do it, it's one of the limits. A colleague's wife, it depends if I work with him every day or not. Otherwise, well, if the woman is looking for it with full knowledge of the facts, I'm not going to deny myself the pleasure... 

She knew where I worked. Not the exact department, but the company. Her previous questions in the last 2 months were not innocent, neither was her desire for flawless discretion. 
She tells me, that's why I ask you for discretion: my husband works for you! The shock! I thought there was zero risk, because she lives far from my workplace! It had upset me a little... but I don't let myself be defeated, I tell her, you knew it, you made your choice with full knowledge of the facts. Of course, I assume, she says. A complicit look that arouses us again and I pounce on her to kiss her! 
It's hot again... she lies on her stomach. I rub my cock, slip between her lips... without penetrating her. She says it's good, you're doing it well, just what I need... but I'd like you to fuck me again! We still have a little time, I look for a condom, and she says, "Give yourself without holding back!" No problem, a quick one, I know how to do that too! I take her in doggy style and then I lie on my back, she comes in reverse cowgirl, I love this position, one of my favorites, we have a view of the pussy, the anus, and the buttocks, pure bestiality, no romance! The angle of the cock is also particular, a maximum of sensations for both partners. I come pretty quickly this time! Three times in a row, it's been a long time since I've done that...

We get dressed, she kisses me one last time, and tells me she loved this afternoon and that we'll see each other soon. I reply, "yes, but not in 6 months and no exclusivity if it's in 6 months!"
I tidy everything up, she leaves first so we don't leave at the same time, and then I leave, leaving the key in the room as usual.
Once in the parking lot, she sends me a message saying she really enjoyed this afternoon and if I want, she has a bit of travel time to call each other. We talk on the phone for a few minutes and when we hang up, I had stars in my eyes, that famous moment, with a foolish smile, with that feeling of lightness, that chemically pure happiness...
The next day at work, I thought about it for a while, I tried to figure out who her husband could be, I had an idea, but not 100% sure... But she balanced it just enough to make me even more cautious and just enough not to be surprised if I discover that I had slept with someone's wife that I know!
Despite this detail, I savored this happiness and this journey in the Garden of Eden for a very long time, even though unfortunately we never saw each other again.

Author: Ypouli Mitch

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