Spanking for Beginners: 5 Things to Know Before Trying It

Do you want to try erotic spanking with your partner? Here are 5 things to know before embarking on the adventure:

Erotic spanking doesn't have to be brutal.

Erotic spanking in the BDSM (or 50 Shades of Grey) version can be given with the flat of the hand or (better yet) with a leather whip. However, spanking doesn't have to be a painful or brutal practice: it can also be given gently with the fingertips or with a delicate feather duster. The most important thing is not the spanking itself, but rather the fantasy it represents...and the exciting anticipation it arouses!

Why not try erotic spanking with a naughty role-playing game?

To maximize the erotic potential of spanking, why not give it within the context of a naughty role-playing scenario, like an improvised theater performance? Some ideas for the most imaginative couples include: Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel (of course!), the boss and his secretary, the nurse and her patient, the master/mistress and slave, the professor and can even invest in a costume to perfect the game.


Why not try an accessory for erotic spanking?

The best tool for giving an erotic spanking is, of course...the hand. However, to introduce a little bit of fantasy in the bedroom, you can invest in one (or several) accessories. For a very gentle version, try a feather duster (zero pain), then move on to a leather, vinyl, or bamboo paddle (which is as painful as a riding crop: it's tolerable), and finally, a whip or Arab-style martinet (made of braided leather, for example, it's quite painful). For the pure and simple SM version, try a leather paddle with electrostimulation, reserved for experienced couples!

Erotic spanking is for men too.

Spanking is not necessarily administered by a man to a woman: the opposite is also possible. #StopSexism. For example, you can envision a scenario where Madame is the dominatrix while Monsieur submits - and combine a vigorous erotic spanking with a prostate massage (with or without sex toy): orgasm guaranteed!

Consent is mandatory for erotic spanking!

This is the absolute prerequisite for a successful erotic spanking: both partners must be equally enthusiastic. There's no question of forcing yourself "to please," "because it's fashionable," or "to fulfill Chéri's fantasy": it's the best way to be disappointed...or worse, to have a bad memory. So if erotic spanking doesn't inspire you, move on.


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