Naughty games to discover your partner

We do not think about it often but nevertheless .... there are many ways to add a little spice in your married life! You are quickly absorbed by your daily routine. Too often, you put your sex life in the background. Change your habits (quickly) by playing erotic games as a couple! Unveil (finally) your fantasies ... raise desire ... & discover new facets of your partner! I forgot ... rest assured: in naughty games for adults, there are never losers!


Naughty games to discover your partner

Naughty games are very varied. Their goals are to introduce you to new ways of approaching foreplay and making love. We all know that most couples always perform the same sexual positions, in the same order. Even if as a human being, routine reassures us, it is also important to make regular changes.


How to get started in a naughty game ??? It's very simple, just don't watch Netflix! Offer to your partner, for an evening, to leave the television off. Sit comfortably on your sofa (or in your bed) and launch the Lebisou application on your smartphone. You will have at your disposal more than 80 erotic games to play as a couple. It's up to you to choose the one that tempts you the most!


Do not be afraid. If ever the game launched does not correspond to your desires or if it becomes a little too daring, you can leave the game at any time.


On the program of naughty games: naughty rewards, pledges, sexual challenges, role playing, ... Let the game begin!


Playing a naughty game will allow you to better understand the desires and desires of your partner. At the turn of an action, it is very likely that it will reveal its fantasies to you. This is a good opportunity to discuss them together and see if these are achievable.


We all know, around a board game, languages ​​are untied. We quickly get caught up in the game.


Spice up your cup life with erotic games

Good news ! On the lebisou site, there are erotic games for all tastes! Role playing, writing game, questions / answers, sexual challenges, wages, domination, submission, exchange of naughty photos, ... Each personality has its own game!


In some games, we move very quickly to more steamy actions, where the end is to reach orgasm together.


Example of a Lebisou game scenario - This week it's fellatio! : This week, it's fellatio every day! Madame will have to meet your requirements. She will have to suck you every day of the week, in a different position or place. Every day you will receive new instructions.




Get started this evening to spice up your life as a couple !!!!


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