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Publish your naughty story for free on the Lebisou blog by following all of our advice in this article. Make yourself known by avid readers of erotic literature, members of the Lebisou community.


Write a naughty story - our advice

Each month, there are more than 10 naughty stories published on our Lebisou blog. Do you also want to take part in this extraordinary adventure? Follow all of our advice to become an excellent erotic author!


For Lebisou members, a good erotic story consists of a very well put together story, embellished with particularly exciting sex scenes. If you are new to erotic literature, you can start by writing just a sex scene, by setting a frame (the characters, the decor, ...). This first story can be a testimony or, of course, a fantasy. Above all, never be ashamed of yourself !!! We all have different sexualities, but which overlap more than we think! Our Lebisou community is made up of naughty members who are all kind. All want only one thing: to read you again and again!


It is sometimes difficult to describe a sex scene without appearing vulgar. To familiarize yourself with this vocabulary and all the synonyms you can use, we advise you to read all the naughty stories available on our blog first. This will quickly allow you to see the writing style you like and the one that particularly excites you.


Publish an erotic story

As you may have noticed by browsing the pages of the blog, Lebisou offers an important place for authors of erotic stories. We offer a chance to all authors, even beginners by publishing, free of charge, all the erotic texts that we receive.


Thanks to us, you no longer need technical skills to create your own blog, work on your network and refer to naughty stories, .... We take care of everything for you!


Our real leitmotif is to make erotic literature known to the world. We are convinced that this could allow millions of women to open up to better sexuality. Indeed, in women, the brain plays a very important role during foreplay and sexual intercourse. It allows you to be aroused more quickly and to reach orgasm more easily. Female enjoyment is everyone's business!


publish naughty story


Become an author! We offer a space to all those wishing to publish an erotic text, whether it is a real testimony or an invented story.


To become an erotic author on Lebisou, it's very simple! You just need to send your naughty story to this email address: [email protected].


Upon receipt, your sensual account will be directly broadcast on the Lebisou blog. We will also take care of making your naughty story known to as many people as possible by posting messages on social networks and our community of members. Today, more than 30,000 registered on our naughty photo exchange platform!


As you can see, you become an erotic author and we take care of everything else (integration, referencing, communication, ...)


We even accept BDSM stories, talking about submission and domination. We love it !!!!


You don't have a minute to spare! Quickly send your story to the email address listed above.


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