Treasure hunt special adults

Easter is approaching and with the famous egg hunt! You too, as adults, have the right to have fun! If you're more of a planner of unusual activities, organize a sexy scavenger hunt for your partner.

Principle of the game

A treasure hunt is a fun event where participants, usually grouped in teams, must find a gift (the "treasure") hidden by the organizers. Clues are provided throughout the game to help you reach the treasure.

This game is often organized on birthdays. It keeps all participants busy for a long time.


Rules of the game

To best organize this treasure hunt, you must plan:

  • One or more naughty toys (sextoy, BDSM,...) and/or lingerie
  • paper envelopes
  • A pencil and paper

The objective of this game: Your partner must find at least 4 clues before accessing the final treasure. Choose the final treasure well! You will indeed have to play with him or once found.

Plan at least 4 steps in different rooms (entrance, living room, bathroom, bedroom for example) of the apartment.

For each of them, place an envelope containing a clue or puzzle that allows the player to continue his quest. For example, you can make a plan of the apartment marked with a heart where to go, rose petals forming a path, a small paper indicating "the place of our last debate", a bra hanging from a door handle.... Kind of like an organized egg hunt at #paques.

Optional: add a little extra in each envelope: string, anal plug, candy, chocolate,.....

Only one constraint: all the accessories found must be used during the sexual act.

Do you have some free time during your holidays? Take the opportunity to play this treasure hunt!

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