Goose game for adults

We all played it when we were kids! Lebisou now offers you his naughty version! Spice up your sex life as a couple on Lebisou!

Goose game

The goose game is a board game. The object of the game is to move your counter according to the results of the 2 dice rolled.

The game of the goose is played on a board normally comprising 63 squares arranged in a spiral wound inward. The boxes contain a number of traps and shortcuts. The goal of the goose game is to get to the last square first.


Playing board

 jeu de l'oie plateau

Download and print this goose game board to start having fun as a couple.

Take 1 die and 2 counters with you. This game is only for 2 people. Play this game during the Easter holidays!

Take turns and discover the challenges you will face as the game progresses. It begins in a gentle and complicit way and the game ends with hot actions.

It's up to you!


Rules of the game

  1. Kiss: Kiss his nose.
  2. Caress: Caress her hair and go down along her neck.
  3. Contact: give yourself an Eskimo kiss.
  4. Action: Create an erotic urge in her ear.
  5. Kiss: exchange a languid kiss.
  6. Massage: Have a brief shoulder massage.
  7. Game: Move back 2 squares.
  8. Kiss: Kiss your partner on the back.
  9. Action: Take off one of his clothes.
  10. Caress: Bring your hands up between her thighs.
  11. Contact: Suck his finger with a naughty look.
  12. Kiss: Blow into your partner's neck and kiss her. Repeat this 3 times.
  13. Stroke: Stroke his butt.
  14. Action: Exchange an ice cube without using your hands.
  15. Kiss: Kiss his back as you go up his spine.
  16. Massage: massage your partner with your chest.
  17. Kiss: Ask your partner to kiss you wherever you want.
  18. Action: Rub your crotch against your partner's leg while kissing him.
  19. Game: Move back 2 squares.
  20. Kiss: Get yourself kissed in the hollow of your kidneys.
  21. Caressing: Caress the inner thighs of your partner and lick his earlobe.
  22. Kiss: Kiss his face without touching his mouth.
  23. Action: Do a sensual striptease and take off your clothes. But keep your underwear on!
  24. Kiss: Kiss your partner all around his mouth, brushing his lips.
  25. Contact: Chew on your partner's nipples.
  26. Kiss: Exchange a long, languid kiss.
  27. Contact: Your partner spanks you.
  28. Action: Remove your bra. If you are a man, remove your partner's.
  29. Game: Advance 1 square.
  30. Caress: Lie down and let yourself be caressed wherever your partner wishes.
  31. Kiss: Get yourself kissed on the navel.
  32. Action: Whisper in your partner's ear what you would like him to do to you.
  33. Contact: Roll her nipples between your fingers.
  34. Game: Move back 2 squares.
  35. Kiss: Run your lips along her buttocks.
  36. Caress: Let your partner caress your chest.
  37. Massage: Ask your partner to massage you where you want.
  38. Action: Put your partner against the wall. Wrap his leg around you and run your lips along his neck down to his chest.
  39. Action: Take off the clothes you have left.
  40. Kiss: Kiss her crotch without touching her sex.
  41. Caress: Touch all the erogenous zones of your partner's body with your fingertips.
  42. Game: Move back 2 squares.
  43. Bonus: Can't resist temptation anymore? Go directly to the final box to finish as soon as possible...
  44. Massage: massage your partner's sex.
  45. Action: Blindfold your partner and make him lick a part of your body.
  46. Massage: Lie your partner on his stomach and massage him with your body.
  47. Caress: Caress yourself by looking at your partner.
  48. Kiss: Kiss your partner's sex.
  49. Action: Tie your partner's hands and do what you want with his body.

Have a good time! Do you want to share this naughty moment with the other Bisounautes? Post a picture of yourself playing on Lebisou!


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