Naughty game - A new couple of friends

A romantic evening "disturbed" by the meeting of a couple. The two women are busy while the men talk quietly together. This game is played with 2 couples.


The two couples meet in a bar. The 2 women talk to each other and ask each other naughty questions:

  • Are you attracted to girls?
  • Do you think a girl's caresses can be different from a man's?
  • What part of a girl's body could make you fall for it?
  • Are you fantasizing about having sex with a girl?
  • If you were to receive only one caress from a girl, where would you like to give her?

The girls want to go further. They take pictures of each other following specific themes:

  • crossed legs
  • the neckline
  • a piece of the bra
  • a piece of the panties

The girls exchange phone numbers.


Exchanges by SMS

The girls continue their discussion after the evening, by exchanging naughty messages.

They must each answer these questions:

  • What underwear are you wearing today?
  • Do you prefer: thong, panties or tanga?
  • Do you have a sextoy?
  • Do you like lonely pleasures? Do you prefer fingers or sextoy?

Women also exchange naughty pictures:

  • Underwear
  • Sextoy
  • Boobs
  • Buttocks - in a position that will make the other woman want to caress them

At Home

One of the couples invites the other to their home under the impulse of the women (the men are still not really aware of the game of seduction that has been created between them).

Dress code :

  • Woman: short dress or skirt, high neckline, sexy underwear.
  • Male: jeans, shirt.

The men are resuming their conversations. The women sit opposite each other and start talking.

They cover the following topics:

  • Have you ever had sex with one or more other people in addition to your partner?
  • Would you be troubled to see two women having sex in front of you? Would you like to participate?
  • What are your erogenous zones?
  • Do you like being blindfolded?

They discreetly move away from the men and find themselves in the marital room. The women then embark on a photo session with the following themes:

  • Sensual position
  • First place you'd like a girl to put her hand
  • lingerie
  • Boobs
  • on the bed, ready to offer your body to your new friend's caresses.

The gentlemen have just figured out what was going on. They join their wives.

A big thank you to Serinnad and Angefred for this idea of a naughty game.




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