Kim's game naughty version

Kim's games are traditional memory games created from a book by Rudyard Kipling in 1901. The general principle is to place several objects on a table. The player must memorize them quickly.

Kim's game principle

Remember that game where you used to place a number of objects on a board and ask someone to memorize them? It was then necessary to remove and/or move one or more objects. The player must have remembered that!

Lebisou now adds a sexual dimension to Kim's special couple game! I'm sure you'll be able to develop your partner's memory very quickly when he sees what you do with objects!


Rules of the game

Cover your bed with a dozen naughty toys: sextoy, dildo, clitoral simulator, handcuffs, anal plug,...

 collection sextoy

If you do not have enough sex toys, you can use objects that are not explicitly intended for sex. For example: Chantilly, a piece of silk fabric, feather, naughty book (50 shades of Grey for example), a condom,...

Feel free to switch roles after a while.

Your partner only has 1 minute to memorize everything!

As soon as the time is up, while your partner is turning, remove an object!

Your partner discovers the removed object:

  • He/she wins a sexual favor of his/her choice

Your partner has lost:

  • Remove the object you have hidden
  • Show him exactly what this object is for. Your objective: to give him/her pleasure without him/her being able to reach orgasm. This demonstration must not last more than 5 minutes
  • Go back to Kim's game and hide a new object.

Interest of the game

In addition to getting you tested with new sexy accessories, this game will help you make sensual associations in your head. You won't eat whipped cream the same way anymore!

You can make the game more challenging by adding accessories or reducing your partner's observation time.

Many thanks to Vanyfraiz, member Lebisou, for his very nice collection of sextoys and naughty accessories. + more amateur sextoy photos by clicking here.


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