How to use Geisha's balls?

After the release of the erotic film "Fifty Darker Shades", we witnessed a real craze for Geisha's balls. Remember the scene? Christian Grey asking Anastasia to wear Geisha balls during a restaurant outing? Since then, this naughty toy has really developed, so beneficial is its use for body and mind.


Invented in China, geisha balls were at the time reserved for the king's various women and lovers to strengthen the perineum and vaginal muscles. The interest? Have a tonic perineum for more sensations, both for the man (the king) and also for the woman! His penis is better "surrounded". It should be noted that at that time, the balls were made of semi-precious stones.

Geisha balls are generally 2 small balls held by a cord. Geisha balls have a toning function. They strengthen the pelvic floor and the internal muscles of the perineum.


Who is it for?

For all women!


  • After childbirth, you must wait for your midwife's agreement. You will do perineal rehabilitation sessions. Geisha balls can be recommended during the last sessions, as a "complement".
  • If you have an ultra-tonic perineum. Ask your physiotherapist or midwife for advice.

How to use Geisha's balls?

Women mainly use Geisha balls to awaken their vaginal sensitivity and achieve more intense orgasms. Geisha's balls should be placed in the vagina.


The beneficial effects

There are many beneficial effects to wearing Geisha balls:

  • Reinforcement of the perineum after childbirth. Perineal biofeedback is a reflex muscular movement of the perineum that will retain the balls by contracting. The repetition of the contractions will allow a development of the muscles as well as a strengthening.
  • Prevent the risk of incontinence and prolapse (organ descents). This can delay or even eliminate the need for surgery.
  • have more self-confidence (the perineum is the basis of the trunk and has an impact on self-confidence.)
  • Increase the sensations during sexual intercourse.
  • Augmenter de la lubrification naturelle. Les boules par leur frottement et la sollicitation du vagin, vont stimuler la sécrétion de lubrifiant naturel. Exit la sécheresse vaginale pendant les rapports !

Les différents modèles de boules de geisha

boules geisha

 Plusieurs modèles de boules de Geisha sont disponibles :

  • Classic model: generally 2 latex or silicone balls, 3-4 cm in diameter, connected together by a cord. We wear our balls to give ourselves pleasure, even to masturbate.
  • Model with balls inside: each ball contains a ball (usually metallic), whose movements linked to the woman's movements generate sensations through small shocks and bearings.
  • Model with a remote control: the woman inserts the balls into her vagina and activates the vibrations with a remote control. The most famous erotic game is to give the remote control to your partner.
  • Steel balls. They are quite heavy and used for perineal rehabilitation.

The choice of the diameter of the geisha ball will depend on your intimate anatomy. If you have had pregnancies before, your vagina will certainly support balls with a classic diameter of about 3.6 cm.

Instructions for use

How to insert the geisha balls?

insertion boules de geisha vagin femme

  • Clean the balls before use.
  • Go to the toilet to ensure the effectiveness of the device and pleasant use.
  • Insert the balls deep into the vagina, one by one and without forcing, with your fingers.
  • In case of difficulty, apply lubricant.
  • Leave the extraction cord outside your vagina (like a tampon).

To remove them, simply pull the cord gently.

How to wear them?

femme course running

We have to MOVE! To tone your perineum as much as possible and enjoy it, it is advisable to move. Take the opportunity to get some fresh air or do household chores, such as vacuuming.

You can also start a real sports session. Contract the perineum on the geisha balls for 10 to 15 minutes. Practice Kegel exercises to accentuate the work of the perineum and thus accentuate its musculature.

Ideally, they should be worn for 30 minutes, once or twice a week. If the wearing of Geisha balls is uncomfortable or painful, the use should be stopped before the regulation time.

Other matters

Is it possible to urinate/go to the bathroom while carrying geisha balls?

Yes, just be careful to contract your muscles so that you don't pull them out.

Can we have sex while carrying the geisha balls?

The geisha balls must be removed at the time of the sexual act.


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