Do you know the Star Wars sextoys?

Star Wars sextoys, you had to dare! Discover in this article the most beautiful sextoys manufactured under the STAR WARS / Disney license. The real geeks will love it!

For Star Wars fans

From the pleasure you will give yourself

The new film Star Wars was released at the end of 2017. It was a huge global event.

We have all seen at least one of the Stars Wars movies. I'm even sure I'm not the only one who wants to have a BB-8 by my side... On the gentlemen's side, who hasn't dreamed of playing with a lightsaber?

A manufacturer of derivative products has (almost) granted our wish! It has just put on sale for the holidays sextoys on the theme of Star Wars! And they're not just for Star Wars fans, rest assured. Now you can all play with C3PO, Darth Vader and even think you're a Jedi! 


The manufacturer you will discover

sextoy maitre yoda

Where do these sextoys come from?

It is an Australian company, called Geeky Sex Toys, that sells these naughty toys. Every year, the company publishes a special range of sextoys for Christmas. This company is known for launching the Pokemoan sextoys range inspired by the Pokemon manga. She is also the originator of the sex toys called Game of Moans, which honour the Game of Thrones series.

But why such a range of products?

Emma, the company's co-founder, said, "This year, the company received many requests related to the creation of new sextoys featuring the villains in the movies. The Star Toys range represents an opportunity to meet the demands of our customers and add a little spice to our products."


You're a lucky man! This year the Star Wars range offers more products! There are for example the sabre laser vibrators or magic wand R2-V2, Dark Vibrator or Vibe Trooper, the anal plug C3P0, the bondage kit on the Dark Side, the Hand Solo - to allow men to masturbate in carbonite - and even the Dildoda - Yoda Dildo - 12 cm.


Lebisou has selected the best sextoys for you to play Star Wars with your partner.

C3PO plug anal

C-3PO Plug

"Hello, I'm C3-Plug. I specialize in human and anal relationships. I am fluent in more than 6 million forms of communication with a specialty in anal excitation. This shiny piece of metal space will be your perfect anal companion."


sextoy star wars dark vador

Vibromasseur Laser Sword Dildo

Which one of the three excites you the most? Could it be the darkness of Darth Vader, the Sith who has become a charming young man or the faithful companion R2D2?

You'll probably be out of breath after experiencing the full power of Darth Vibrator!

 star wars sabre laser

Luminous dildo

Want to become a Jedi? Do you want to play with your lightsaber too? Choose your favorite color carefully:

  • Blue: Luke
  • Red: Darth Vader
  • Vert : Yoda

"It's time to finish your training. Illuminate your sex life with the incredible Laser LED swords! Feel the force flow through you while giving in to your geek side. This elegant new weapon will take your galactic fantasy to a whole new level."

 Gag ball star wars

Gag Ball The Death Star

Want to embark on the BDSM galactic adventure?  Choose this sextoy!!!!! It will prevent your partner from talking. In case of severe punishment, he or she may even bite from within.

This fully operational gag has enough power to silence your rebel submarine.

hand solo star wars

Solo Han masturbator

This naughty toy is for you, gentlemen! The feeling of soft silicone (not carbonite!) with a smooth inner rib gives you the impression of being in a city of clouds. Masturbate while thinking of Princess Leia.

 Sextoy Maitre yoda

Sextoy Master Yoda - the Dildoda

A lot of pleasure you will feel in this dildo. Master Yoda will take you.

Well, I admit, I have a lot more trouble hanging on to this toy. Personally, Master Yoda doesn't attract me at all! What do you think about that?

bondage star wars

Bondage Kit -Dark Side Bondage Kit

This bondage set consists of 6 pieces including handcuffs and a whip for people who like sadomaso games.


The intergalactic saga will not stop surprising you, rest assured!

Unfortunately, these sextoys are not yet available in France.... I'm sorry, I know you're deeply disappointed.

Do you want to opt for a naughty product that is a little more soft and accessible? Offer to Madam the super clitoral stimulator Satisfyer Pro 2. Orgasm guaranteed with each use.


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