How to handle your lightsaber like a Jedi?

Who hasn't dreamed of having a lightsaber? Precisely handle the lightsaber to be able to fight all enemies. And please all women from all distant galaxies....


Fluorescent condom

Why don't you think you're a jedi for a night out? Choose fluorescent condoms! Play with your sex in the dark.

 capote fluo noir

 Star Wars, or the revenge of sex


To celebrate the release of the new movie Star Wars (produced by Disney), play Jedi with your sex. Play with your partner by using a fluorescent condom.

Once the condom is installed, make wide movements. Don't forget to imitate the laser noise with your mouth!

Do the hide-and-seek game! I let you choose the hiding places in your partner's body.

"During the foreplay, I get it under the bedside lamp. Once put on, it really works. Delusions guaranteed with his partner."

Are you alone and a Star Wars fan?! Remember to take these fluorescent condoms in your pocket when you go to see the movie "Star Wars, Episode VIII: The Last Jedi". You may be meeting the one from your heart.

May the strength be with you!

As a reminder, always go out covered!


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