Product test: Caress of Adrien Lastic

Notice to women looking for naughty pleasures! Caress, Adrien Lastic's new clitoral stimulator is made for you. You will melt under the caresses of this clitoral stimulator with multiple possibilities; the only one that combines rotation and vibration.

Adrien Lastic: sextoys & sexy accessories

Adrien Lastic is a manufacturer of Spanish sextoys. Her naughty toys and accessories are available in many French online shops. Adrien Lastic sextoys constantly bring a wind of lightness to the sex toy industry.

This colourful brand presents collections of naughty accessories in fun colours and innovative designs. While browsing the Adrien Lastic site, you will be dazzled by the sparkling colours and funny shapes of the sextoys!

Its main commitments:

  • Offering the best value for money in the sextoy industry.
  • Put innovation at the heart of the brand by regularly offering new products and... new sensations!
  • Remove all taboos related to unbridled sexuality so that we can all seek our pleasure
  • Always be attentive to customers' needs

Adrien Lastic offers a range of naughty toys and accessories with a refined and modern design. All products are available in bright and attractive tones. And it works! They are very popular with women and men alike!

Lovetoys for colorful sex games

Everything in sextoys Adrien Lastic reminds us that sex is also a game for adults. Which is perfectly in line with Lebisou's commitments!

From their unusual shape to their bright colours, these sex toys are all simply unique.

The perineum

Adrien Lastic has launched a range of products aimed at sexual and perineal health. The flagship product: geisha balls to strengthen the perineum, tone the pelvic floor, or regain intimate sensitivity after pregnancy or menopause.

Clitoral stimulator

The clitoral stimulator O Venus. With its special shape, it allows an easy grip but above all a stimulation of the clitoris and the G spot.

Adrien Lastic's latest product, Caress, is also a clitoral simulator. Find its detailed description below.

Mixed pleasure

sextoy dildo adrien lastic

Double Vibrator with, at disposal, 2 vibrating tips connected to each other + an additional sheath for the ball side. All tips are compatible with asses and vaginas and the cord is quite long. You can play between men, women or straight couples. Anyone can use a piece!

Caress, a clitoral stimulator

We were lucky enough to receive Adrien Lastic's new sextoy: Caress in the Lebisou premises.  And we are not disappointed with the product, I guarantee it! A big thank you to this great sextoys manufacturer for this wonderful gift.


coffret sextoy caress

The package is composed of a very nice box including:

  • the dark pink sextoy
  • 5 different heads. The watchword: Have fun!
  • 1 fabric cover to store the sextoy if you find that the box is too large
  • 1 USB charger (no need for batteries!)
  • 1 manual of explanations.

The packaging is very nice. I had a lot of fun unpacking the package and opening the box. A real showcase of pleasure!

Main features of the system

This clitoral vibrator offers women many possibilities.

Important : Caress is the only vibrator that combines rotation and vibration.

Its 5 different heads (supplied) offer you different sensations. Flexible, firm head,... discover the tip that will give you the most excitement. How about a clitoral orgasm... !

Don't panic! Don't panic! The heads are easily interchangeable, even in the middle of a debate!


General characteristics :

  • 100% soft and smooth silicone. I approve, this sextoy is so soft... a real peach skin effect (soft touch)!
  • 5.3 cm high and 3.2 cm in diameter. Perfect size, fits perfectly in the hand.
  • Waterproof. It is better to advise women fountains!
  • Phthalate-free. Whew, we're reassured!
  • Quiet engine, at least noise is not an obstacle to the pleasure provided
  • 10 vibration modes: from slowest to fastest... to satisfy all women.  From level 5 to level 10, the vibrations are jerky, with different intensities, each as pleasant as the next.

Modes vibration adrien lastic

The 10 available vibration modes


  • 1 single discreet button. Bright, it is easily found under the duvet. In addition, the toy can be held on the clitoris while changing the vibrations with the thumb.
  • Rechargeable via USB (remember to charge it before your naughty evening, it would be a shame not to enjoy it).
  • 2 years warranty
  • Simple operation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Silicone and non-porous
  • Approximate price : 69.90 €


Describing this toy is going to be really very complicated because it is so innovative and strange. This little octopus is waiting for only one thing: to lodge in the palm of your hand to make you pink with pleasure!

 Utilisation sextoy caress

Use of the female sextoy

 Its tentacles are interchangeable, which means 5 times more pleasure.

Due to its very attractive design, this clitoral stimulator is far from being vulgar. I'm even sure that at first glance, it suggests a completely different use (well, I hope so because we left it lying around the house!).

Even if there is no penetration, I strongly advise you to lubricate the toy. Indeed, to increase the pleasure tenfold, the tentacles must slide perfectly on your clitoris. For lubrication, turn to a water-based lubricant to avoid damaging the toy.



Official video presentation of the Caress sextoy

In conclusion, Adrien Lastic knows how to surprise us!  The Caress is an effective clitoral stimulator that I recommend to all women. I insist on the vibrations that are really strong & exciting! You can use it alone or in pairs during preliminaries. The quality/price ratio is really excellent.


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