How to use the anal rosary?

Minouchette, a member of the Lebisou community, talks to us about her various sexual experiences.

Very hard porn

"My itinerary has often been chaotic. Alternating more or less happy experiences, I finally took time to develop sexually and sensually while I had worked twice as hard!

What's more, sometimes the unexpected disrupts a well-oiled plan... Like the anecdote that follows!

After a day filled with many sexually explicit texts, my man and I are eager to get back to bed. As often, as a preamble, we choose a very hard porn to stimulate our imagination. I select a small series where a mature woman plays with dildos, each one more hallucinating than the next. After having greatly dilated her orifices (what do I say, her abysses!), she grabs a fantastic toy in the shape of an elephant's head with a huge trunk! With a lot of lubricant, the lady literally kicks her gluttonous pussy, then impales herself by the ass on the long nose of this nosy Babar! My darling cheerfully kneading my breasts, I am more and more receptive to these outrageous images... I catch myself dreaming of a salacious pachyderm!

I can't stand it any longer, I ostensibly spread my thighs. My man understands the signal and starts jerking me off without hesitation. I usually enjoy a little more progressiveness, but tonight I'm already warmed up. Alternating the circular caresses on my lips and my little clit with a proper fingering, all punctuated with little pats (terrible that!) and sprinkled with saliva, sir makes my pussy experience a delicious torture! I want to be torn apart, taken, pounded... ahhhh I want big, heavy, long, strong! But the bastard makes me long for it. I protest, shake my pelvis frantically. I beg to be finished, I open myself wide...

Little bitch

"So, we don't want any more, you naughty little bitch?" I nod in a breath. I, who could not stand these vulgarities just a few months ago, am now claiming this infamous status. Yes, the little bitch is in heat and she wants to be covered! With his middle finger and index finger in crochet, my man shortens my ordeal by devastating my asshole's entrance. My big lips are swollen and scarlet. I caress myself, or rather I rub myself like a maniac. I drip, my head buzzes, I go backwards... "It's fucking fine!"... I'm shaken with spasms. My legs twist in all directions, I bend up, I pull out of my pussy this hand that has just made me die of pleasure but that becomes unbearable now that I have come.


Now it's Mr.

I stay for a few moments, searching for my breath, struggling to come to my senses. But that's not to mention the impatience of the gentleman who wants his share. He grabs my arm. "Come on, you little wanker, do some work." The tone is compelling. I do it all the more obediently because I have to admit that I love wanking. Even in my periods of worst prudishness, I have always loved wanking tails, because the power of my little hands on a desperate man fascinates me every time!

But jerking off is not enough for me. And then my arms start to get tired. Then I squeeze my fingers like a tourniquet around this thrilling cock and wear my lips on the glans purple by the blood pressure. No, this shit won't challenge me for long! I'm buying it all in one go! Mr. Rail of surprise, pleasure and pain mixed. He slaps me to punish my audacity.... "Your teeth, you little whore!".... in my rage, my molars have scratched the delicate mucous membranes. I am looking forward to it inside! I like to be submissive, but I can't suppress these little rebellion impulses. Nevertheless, good girl, I am conscientiously working on my task.

Invigorated by the little slaps that flatter my ass, I suck my man with enthusiasm, as he likes, alternating deep throats and pumping. He's ready to give up everything. But I control his enjoyment with a few strokes of his tongue on his meatus. Crazy with envy, he grabs my head with both hands and kisses my mouth. It forces my palate, hits my tonsils, rushes into my esophagus... I make a sound of piping, I almost suffocate, but I remain totally passive. I take everything, I'm an inflatable doll, I let myself be raped to the point of vomiting! He's retiring just in time. I repress a dismissal, I cry, I saliva, suffocate... but I really liked being mistreated like that! I see in my man's eyes a furtive glow of recognition and pride. But I don't want to be touched now. I'm not satisfied yet!

I want more!

He understands it and grabs me to turn me around. Kneeling and flattened to the maximum, like a rutting tigress, I present my ass and arch, offered and subjected to all its lewd impulses. I don't know anything about his intentions... suffering or voluptuousness? I don't know what's going to happen to me in a second. I also don't know what I would like either, as excitement can turn pain into pleasure and vice versa. When he opts for caresses and licks on my little puck to tame it, I am almost disappointed not to be abused anymore!

His tongue treats my little hole like it's my mouth and I get a real thug gallop! Turning, pointing, it interferes in my anus which responds mechanically, first of all by contracting in front of the intrusion, animal reflex, then by giving way to this desired visitor, reaction learned through a long and difficult training. Feeling my sphincters relax during the search, I exult from this perverse joy, from this deviation: I am indeed a fieffée slut!

My little ass being domesticated, I'm ready. I don't have long to wait. A pressure on my corolla tells me that a plug or another anal toy is about to be inserted into my gut, which I particularly like. As I am very receptive, it doesn't take him long to make my little flower give away. As the insertions follow one another, I recognize the anal rosary! For those who don't know this wonderful accessory, they are silicone balls aligned from the smallest to the largest on a flexible rod. The effect of this little game is really terrifying, especially when you remove it all at once! I receive the balls one after the other, each one forcing my puck a little more than the last one. Once the instrument is in place, we resume our games. He licks me, caresses me, my little kitty fingers me again and again... I sink, I wiggle my pelvis, I moan, I am his female... and I gradually reach a state of almost ecstatic jouissance!


I want to be fucked, fucked and fucked again.


When I am no more than a gaping sex, my male straightens up, grabs me by the hips and penetrates me with a powerful kidney stroke. The cohabitation of this rod and the rosary in my bowels deprives me of all lucidity. I want to be fucked, fucked and fucked again. And I am served because I am pounded savagely and in all positions. Sir also loses his self-control. We copulate, soaked in sweat, sticky with all our secretions. As I work, he grabs my ankles, I am nailed to the mattress, I take boutoir blows, I am delivered, taken, looted. To finish his work, my task is to turn me around again and rest me in doggy style. I am offered the coup de grâce when he suddenly stops, looking stunned: "Where is your rosary? Did you take it out bad? »…

Rejecting this accusation, I protest and search for the object by trial and error. Indeed, the ring that allows its extraction is no longer in place. I don't remember the extraction usually so rich in sensations. We start searching the whole bed, lifting sheets, pillows, pillows... but we have to face the facts: he has disappeared! And the only place he can be is my little hole! I then remember the many anecdotes of guards, about the emergency interventions performed to recover all kinds of "lost" objects in the intestinal tracts of good people as needed. I'm starting to panic a little bit, imagining the moment of shame that's coming.

Fortunately, having been trained to explore my troufignon, my companion coated his hand with lubricant and shamelessly entered my rectum. Triumphant, he extracted the eight little balls that were lined up in the warmth! These finally extracted, we have a terrible laugh. I'm really an incorrigible rascal! So, with the passage open, I offer my liberator the privilege of invading my ass and unloading it...

To be continued!"


Many thanks to Minouchette for this superb naughty testimony.

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