Idée du désir, wooden sextoys

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  Idée du désir, sensual sculptures in natural wood

Logo idée du désir - fabriquant de sextoy en bois

A craft company

Idée du désir is a French manufacturer of sextoys. His speciality: cabinetmaker by trade, he himself creates by hand to order naughty wooden toys. Passionate about women and their pleasure, he formed a partnership with a renowned sexologist at the launch of his company. Its objective: always to offer sextoys that perfectly adapt to our morphology. Your pleasure is guaranteed!

When you browse his website you will discover on each page real works of art. Enough to make us all sextoy enthusiasts!!!!!

Idea of desire offers naughty toys made with different woods depending on the products and budget: maple, walnut, cherry, ebony,... No jealousy! Men and women will be fulfilled with Idea of Desire. This craftsman has created natural sextoys for everyone.



The brand's best-known ranges are:

  • Papillon : Geisha balls
  • L'orchidée
  • Adam : revisited dildo
  • Onyx : prostatic simulator
  • Cockring : for men

Structured orchid

We were fortunate to receive their flagship product: the Structured Orchid.

And I must admit that at LeBisou, we are not disappointed!


Sextoy orchidée de la société  objetdudésir

« This object has a history. It was created for you by a passionate artist »


Naughty toy dedicated to the G spot

The artwork received is perfectly packaged in a beautiful satin pouch. A pleasant surprise: I notice that there is in addition in the package a sample of MADAME MARIE-LINE perfume (intimate eau de toilette that smells delicious...) !

The sextoy is numbered. An Idéedudésir authenticity card is attached to the package. What a joy to have a unique piece between your fingers. I could almost put it on the shelf of the living room in decoration!

Our Orchid Sextoy (n°420) was made with walnut. The colour of the wood, as well as the harmonious curves, are superb! When you look at or touch this sensual toy, you realize that it has a real soul. It is not a common plastic sextoy made in China by the thousand and sent to Europe by cargo ship. No, it is a work of art created by hand by a French cabinetmaker who gave so much love and pleasure to create it that you can feel it right away.


lot sextoys orchidées


Regarding the size of the orchid received, I think it is perfect! The toy is neither too big nor too small. It is ideal, I think, for beginners as well as those who want to enjoy themselves above all, without the search for "performance". It's a special G-spot sextoy. Its curves will allow you to massage the inside of your vagina and quickly reach your G spot (with a female ejaculation for the lucky ones). Some bloggers even talk about awakening this area, sometimes asleep or forgotten for far too long.

To answer the most frequent objections, I can tell you that this sensual sextoy is soft, splinter-free (10 coats of varnish respecting French food hygiene standards are applied so no risk). I would even say that the look is peachy, a bit like a soft touch lamination! What a pleasure to touch it, to caress it with your fingertips.

Another advantage: this sculpture has no smell. You will not smell the plastic smell of some sextoys that can cut your desire in the first few weeks.
A beautiful care instructions accompanies the sensual sculpture: "Use a simple soap or intimate gel, rinse with water and let dry. Idealududésir recommends not to soak the sextoy or use solvent-based products on it. "In 2 words: simple & fast!"

A little something extra: on request, your naughty wooden toy can be engraved with your name or that of your partner. Think about it for Valentine's Day!

Sesame of desire

Sextoy en bois idéedudésir - Sésame. Idéal pour remuscler le périnée

Another sextoy caught my attention in particular: Sesame of desire. It is a set of 3 maple sextoys with 6 different diameters.

Objectives of the project  :

  • G-spot stimulation
  • perineal rehabilitation (perfect for young mothers)
  • vaginism
  • vaginal and anal dilation
  • preparation for sodomy

You should have thought of that!

In conclusion, we recommend this French and artisanal sextoy manufacturer to you 100%.


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