The womanizer, a demonic sextoy

Here is a short illustrated account of my recent experiences....

Sextoys collection

I have a beautiful, in fact a very beautiful collection of sextoys, erotic accessories and intrusive utensils that we regularly use with my darling.

We use all kinds of dildos of all sizes (including surrealist!), shapes and materials (plastic, glass, metal...). I also like plugs that allow me to have my little butt well filled when my man takes care of my kitten (I fantasize a lot about double penetrations).

Among our latest acquisitions, one was a real revelation. This toy is called the Womanizer.
Unlike conventional vibrators, it does not vibrate but has a small silicone mouth that coats the clitoris without touching it and exerts a slight suction modulated by a very fast set of frequencies.

This thing is demonic and brings me unprepared to violent orgasms in 2/3 minutes and literally makes me dripping.... Usually we use it in our foreplay, because after its passage, I strongly need to satisfy my little pussy with strong tail blows from the gentleman...

Before yesterday in the early afternoon, I was exchanging some naughty texts with my man. I was having fun heating him knowing that being at his workplace, he couldn't relieve himself until he found me. I can already hear you calling me a bitch, which is not totally false.

By the way, that's what my man must have thought when I told him I was going to have to stop bantering at a distance with him to welcome our janitor who was supposed to arrive any minute now to fix a plumbing problem.... Aside from that, this janitor makes me a shameless court case and as soon as he's in my presence, I guess it's my own plumbing he's burning to take care of!


My man wants me to masturbate

Minouchette mere noel


But my naughty darling took me at my own game and before going about his business, he sent me a final text message that concluded with a sentence without appeal: "You deserve a good punch right now!"

At these words, I felt a soft warmth and tingling in the bottom of my stomach.... No... My lips were swelling noticeably under my pantyhose... I was trying to reason with myself. Mr. Jean could ring any second. I had to look presentable! But nothing to do. I was excited. No, I was in heat! Shit! Shit! Not the time! Mr. Jean! I can't receive it in this state or I don't answer for anything anymore!

I'm dropping the phone right now, leaky sink. I rush to my bedside table, pull out the famous Womanizer, drop me overboard on my bed, remove my damn pantyhose and apply the little sucking mouth on my clit already swollen by a compelling desire.

Damn it! Damn it! There's no polite word for that! This thing is eating my button... He eats me, sucks me in, liquefies me! I'm going straight to maximum power. I feel like I'm going to explode if I don't come! Orgiastic visions haunt me. I am gaping, I flow, I flow, I flow, I scream, ahhhhhh.... Fuck! Fuck! I'm coming! I'm squirming like a madwoman. I put 2, 3 fingers in my vagina that convulses with pleasure.

The bell rings. I'm trying to come to my senses. I'm putting on my pantyhose. I'm going down the stairs. I open....

- "Good morning, ma'am. Is everything all right? "
- "Hello. Uh, yes. Come in, Mr. Jean..."

You bet everything's fine. My head is buzzing, I'm shaggy, I have red cheeks, I'm out of breath, my bodice is loose, the juice of my pleasure permeates my pantyhose with a fragrant liquor.... I feel like a bitch, I feel like a slut and I like it!

I can't wait for tonight!

This mischievous testimony was written by Minouchette, a member of our online community.

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