SatrapA has tested for you the Satisfy Pro 2

Even if the whole net admires this naughty toy, we still wanted to check it out for ourselves! The objective: to sell you a great product at a very good value for money.

Clitoral stimulator test

We won 1 sextoy to a great Lebisou member: SatrapA. In return, she had to test the sextoy with photos and testimonies to support it.


Avis Internet

All Internet opinions are unanimous: This sextoy is just divine!

Find below a sample of the opinions found over the naughty sites:

"A very effective toy, with it impossible not to take maximum pleasure"

"Really an excellent product, of dreadful efficiency; ladies, you will not be disappointed. It also works underwater, it is equipped with a rechargeable battery, with a long autonomy. »

"I've been wanting to buy one for my wife for a while... I was afraid of the sucking system! But it was really wrong!!!!! It's a crazy thing, orgasm guaranteed in two minutes at the most. The handling is easy, the product is simple to use, beautiful finish! Only the +"

SatrapA's opinion

satisfyer pro 2 orgasme

"I have received the Satisfaction. I tried it right away. It's just beautiful! I can't even find my words to say how good it is!! hahahahahah

I love its size. You hold this sextoy very pleasantly in your hands or your hand.

I also like its non-slippery texture, very soft. The noise is a little loud when it's not in place, but once properly installed, it's not disturbing at all. The intensity levels are very easy to climb up or down. The different levels are very well recognized. I already have the Womanizer in my possession but to reach orgasm with it I needed much more time.

With the Satisfyer Pro 2, I love it!

I also tried it underwater, in a shower (I very, very rarely take baths) and it's just great. Silicone does not slip. It stays in place as long as you want.

Personally, at 7/8 speed I am already enjoying and there are 11 levels!  We also tried the Satisfyer Pro in couple. It's very enjoyable! I can tell you that with 3 hands for the caresses it's the explosion!

On other positive points, I can talk about the ease of use and the fact that it holds a lot of weight. No need to recharge it every day, it's really good.

For the moment I don't see any downsides. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is magical. Ladies, I recommend this clitoral stimulator with your eyes closed! Whether you want to give yourself pleasure alone or as a couple, you will no longer be able to do without it.

femme au bord de l'orgasme avec un sextoy satisfyer

Thank you very much SatrapA for this opinion. I see you had a lot of fun testing this naughty toy and that's good. The pictures you took are just beautiful! A woman's orgasm is so beautiful.

On my side, I'm completely conquered! And you???

Satisfy him pro 2, a unique sextoy that provides you with sensations that are still unequalled!

Ladies... don't forget it's almost Christmas! A perfect opportunity to be offered the Satisfyer Pro 2! Talk to your husband about it or just send him this blog article... Make sure you insist that you can play together.

Gentlemen... are you still looking for a gift idea for your wife? Look no further, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is exactly the gift he needs!



satisfyer pro 2 etui

This clitoral stimulator will be delivered in its box with its charger.


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