Satisfy Pro 2, extraordinary clitoral stimulator

An extraordinary clitoral stimulator. I named... the Satisfyer Pro 2!

What is the Satisfyer Pro 2?

All about the Satisfyer Pro 2

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is a sextoy, more precisely a clitoral stimulator.

Késako? A clitoral stimulator is a toy reserved only for the lady's clitoris.

Why? Because the clitoris is an extremely sensitive sexual organ. He asks to be pampered and titillated to reach orgasm.

His promises? The Satisfyer Pro 2 promises users repeated orgasms.

"This toy is designed for faster, more intense and multiple orgasms. Revolutionize female orgasm"

The sextoy promises all women to fly to 7th heaven effortlessly. What do you ask for more?

Wake up your desire!

It's very simple! With its oval head and innovative technology, the Satisfyer Pro 2 stimulates your clitoris via contactless massages. Kind of like a suction system. It sucks in and emits pulsations.

It is this technique of stimulation by suction waves, combined with pulsations, that will guarantee you multiple orgasms. And all this without contact! As soon as the sextoy is correctly placed on your clitoris, you no longer have to move it.

sextoy satisfyer pro 2

Simply put, the Satisfyer Pro 2 sucks and blows on the clitoris to cause a powerful orgasm.
You can use this toy several times in a row on your erogenous zone without having any irritation!

Is he discreet?

Oh, yes, I do! With its design and refined form, you can forget it in the bathroom without fear of reprisals. It can easily be combined with a cleaning and/or scrubbing brush. Do you have children? You are now reassured!

I've never had a sextoy, can I start with the Satisfyer Pro 2?

Of course! Of course! We even recommend it. It is suitable for all women, from novices to sextoy experts. This naughty toy is so easy to use that you won't even need the instructions.

I want to be discreet, how do I do that?

Femme orgasme sous la douche satisfyer

SatrapA on the verge of orgasm in the shower

Use this sextoy under the duvet, in your shower or right in the bath! Enjoy it, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is 100% waterproof. It can take you to the gates of orgasm without arousing the suspicions of your husband and children. Be aware that underwater, the pressure waves will multiply tenfold and spread on your pleasure button.

CAUTION - Be careful if you choose a pleasure session in the shower. With orgasm, your legs may shake and you may fall on the slippery floor.

Are you afraid to wake up the house with the little noise of the Satisfyer Pro 2? A perfect opportunity to launch the naughty playlist Lebisou.

The characteristics of the Satisfyer Pro 2


Getting started

The Satisfyer has been designed in materials selected for their high quality for optimal comfort. One example is phthalate-free plastic.

The design of the stimulator has been designed for an optimal and intuitive handling.

Remember to add lubricant to your clitoris, it will be more pleasant to use.

Instructions for use

Just place the oval head on your little pink button, the head comfortably in the hollow part and you're done! The Satisfyer pro 2 has 11 intensity levels. Your orgasms will be from + to + extreme. You've been warned!

The sextoy is guaranteed for 5 years. In addition, you can change the silicone tip as soon as it starts to get damaged.

Technical specifications

  • 11 intensity levels to have orgasms from + to + extreme
  • recharge via USB cable
  • can be used in the shower or bath
  • easy cleaning
  • 2H of autonomy

 satisfyer pro 2 etui

Single, in couple, how to use it?

What's great about this sextoy is that you can play alone or with your partner.
Alone, you will realize that reaching orgasm by masturbating with the Satisfyer Pro is much easier. You will want to repeat the experience every day, I can assure you.

With your partner, you have the choice! You can use the naughty toy during your foreplay or directly during the sexual act, at the same time as the penetration.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is just extraordinary in doggy style. If this is your favorite position, you have to crack!

Satrapa, a Lebisou VIP member, has tested this super clitoral stimulator for you.


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