Do you want to climb penises?

The designers Bompas & Parr, creators of original and unusual experiences, have created an erotic climbing wall to help you better accept your body and remove taboos on sexuality.

The erotic wall

photo mur escalade erotique

Do you like climbing and regularly practice this sport in the middle of nature or in a room, on a wall? Is it even your passion? We are sure of one thing: you have never seen a wall like this before! The designers Bompas & Parr, creators of interactive and playful experiences, have created an improbable climbing wall with naughty shapes.

The usual holds here take the form of buttocks, breasts and moulded penises of all colours. Dubbed "Grope Mountain", this installation was first launched in 2015 at the Museum of Sex in New York as part of an interactive exhibition called FunLand, which also included an oversized bouncy castle.

Through this surprising creation, creators wish to pay tribute to the beauty of the human body and help us accept our forms and our sexuality. Harry Parr, co-founder of the design studio, comments on this subject:

    "Climbing walls are perceived as a place of sport, well-being and entertainment, but they can also be erotic. Grope Mountain combines sport and sensuality with the joy of physicality, touch and body pleasure in elongated postures."

In a context of provocation, the creative initiative certainly has the merit of surprising and making people talk about it.



Discover the pictures of this erotic climbing wall:

photo mur escalade erotique design


photo mur escalade erotique zizi


photo mur escalade erotique mains


photo mur escalade erotique pénis


photo mur escalade erotique seins


photo mur escalade erotique fesses


photo mur escalade erotique 1

What about you, do you want to climb penises?


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