25 sexy disguises that should never have been invented

Yippee! Halloween is today, October 31st! The perfect opportunity to shiver with pleasure with your partner or friends... Are you still looking for a costume for tonight?

Lebisou found you 25 sexy costumes for women. But beware: No wearing them on Halloween! They should never have been sexy and above all invented!

The 25 disguises that should never have been sexy

1.déguisement bouteille ketchup

The "Heinz - Tomato Ketchup" bottle

2.déguisement pizza

A slice of pizza salami

3.déguisement réalisateur de films

An X-film director.

4.déguisement donald trump

The disguise of Donald Trump....

5.déguisement crayola

A purple pencil from the Crayola brand.

6.déguisement bébé sexy

The disguise of a sexy baby.

7.déguisement éléphant sexy

To have an elephant's memory.

8.déguisement troll

A pink troll is among us !

9.déguisement bob éponge sexy

For cartoon enthusiasts "Sponge Bob"

10.déguisement poisson clown sexy

A sexy clown fish, are you sure?

11.déguisement telecommande sexy

A woman remote control that responds to the demand. Way too macho!

12.déguisement bert sexy

Do you know Bert? A famous cartoon...

13.déguisement mickey mouse sexy

Mickey Mouse. We would have preferred the Minnie version....

14.déguisement minion sexy

A minion is anything but sexy! But it's so cute....

15.déguisement dollar sexy

A dollar disguise to hope to win the lottery!

16.déguisement hugh heffner sexy

Hugh Hefner, the creator of Playboy, as a woman.

17.déguisement oompa loompa sexy

For Charlie & Chocolate Fans: an Oompa Loompa disguise... Who knows, maybe if you wear this costume, you'll have a chance to work for Johnny Depp!

18.déguisement ying yang sexy

Yin & Yang for all those who practice yoga & meditation.

19.déguisement patient asile sexy

The "psychiatric madman" disguise. To be forgotten as soon as possible!

20.déguisement jimmy cricket sexy

Jiminy Cricket, the famous cricket from the Pinocchio cartoon.

21.déguisement mr patate

Mrs. Potato herself!

22.déguisement lavabo

Yes, yes, you're not mistaken: this woman is dressed as a sink!


Top3 of the ranking

23.déguisement sapin de noel

A Christmas tree that will please men

24.déguisement monstre

A purple monster that doesn't really scare you...

25.déguisement burger sexy

For this last picture, we hesitate between this Burger disguise or

déguisement ronald sexy


Happy Halloween !


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