TOP 5 of the most naughty ties

Lebisou has selected for you the most naughty ties found on the web. You won't be disappointed! The last one is really excellent. What do you think about that?

TOP 5 - The breast tie

This tie is ideal for a bachelor party, don't you think?

cravate seins humour

TOP4 - The wiener tie

cravate bite humour

An army of penises hanging around your neck!

Forget about haute couture right now, here is a tie that announces the color! A tie full of wieners. And at least they all have a smile on their faces! The Zizi Tie is a funny and original tie filled with zizis of all kinds!
Size XXL, this tie will be an ideal gift for a birthday or stag party.


TOP 3 - The sperm tie

cravate humour sperme

We love this tie! Discreet, it fits perfectly on a white or blue shirt. And for the bravest of you, you can even put her to work.

cravate humour sperme sexe


TOP 2 - Christian Grey's tie

cravate 50 nuances de grey

cravate christian grey

This tie is inspired by the film "50 nuances de Grey". It's the same tie as Christian Grey's. He uses it at several times in the movies to tie Anastasia Steele's hands or to blindfold her.


Replay the scene again


TOP 1 - The special Lebisou tie

cravate bisous rouge à lèvres

cravate lebisou portée

We couldn't miss this beautiful Lebisou tie! This is of course our TOP1 of the naughty ties. And this one, you can wear it for all occasions (or almost...)

This white tie is filled with pretty kisses made by beautiful ladies. All kissing members should have it in their dressing room!


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