How to disguise her breast for Christmas?

A new fashion has just arrived from the United States: disguise her breast as Santa's reindeer!

Disguise her breast

Are you still looking for an outfit for Christmas Eve? You never know what to wear? And if you opt for the new trend: the breast disguised as a Christmas reindeer!

In recent days, we have seen photos of women wearing dresses and sweaters with a hole on social networks (Twitter and Instragram in particular)! Indeed, these clothes leave one of their two breasts out in the open.

And to hide this breast, these women had the idea of disguising it as Santa's reindeer.

How to do this?

Simply cover the nipple with a small red decoration. It'll be the reindeer's nose!

Just above, you have to add the animal's eyes and even higher its woods.


Pictures of topless women

Here are some pictures of this new fashion:

Sein déguisement renne Noël

sein coquin déguisé en renne

 Le renne du père Noël déguisé


déguiser sein pour Noël LESBIENNE

What do you think of that? Are you going to follow the trend and disguise your breast too?


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