10 very naughty Christmas sweaters

Have you ever heard of Christmas wool ugly sweaters? They have been in fashion for a few years now. There was even the "Pulls ugly" contest on November 25 in Albi! Lebisou has made a selection for you that should not displease you, my dear rascals.... Discover 10 ugly sweaters in wool special sex.

Why don't you take out a sweater for Christmas? Ugly but naughty! Below the lebisou selection:

Naughty sweaters for women

Pull noel femme rouge

Rennes in doggy style

This red sweater shows reindeer slipping into a doggy style. Very discreet, it can be worn perfectly during the New Year's Eve meal. Its cut is very feminine, close to the body.


pull laine sexy bonhomme de neige couple

The couple of naughty snowmen

This ugly wool sweater represents a couple of snowmen. And I think Madame Neige will soon be fucked by the gentleman! His carrot, straight ahead, shows that he is very excited. Of course, I'm not talking about his nose!

Do you like carrots?


pull de Noël sexy mère Noël

Mother Christmas

Isn't this Santa Claus hot? With its fishnet stockings and plunging neckline..... Its harmonious curves invite to touch it.


Wool sweaters in naughty mocha for men

pull noel sexe cerf


It's hot between these deer! A real threesome.... One deer is being caught in a doggystyle, another is making an anilingus to the one who enters first.

We start strong in men. Not sure you dared to wear that rascal sweater in front of your in-laws.


Pull strip tease Pere Noel

Santa's strip tease

Oh Oh Oh Oh! It's Santa Claus... naughty!!!!! I'll strip you... you won't be disappointed! A quick question: do you think my hair is also white below the waist?

This sweater showing an exhibitionist Santa Claus is ideal for Lebisou member rascals! However, when you wear such a sweater, you are obliged to do a striptease as well.)


Pull Noël renne et Père noël


I didn't know reindeer made that face when they had an orgasm! Santa Claus must really be good in bed... A true God of sex! As soon as a reindeer's back is turned... hop, let's go! Maybe that's why they're going so fast on December 24th....

Pull sexy boules de noel

Jingle My Bells

How about you shake my bells? A surprise is probably waiting for you...it's up to you! This sweater, to be taken in the second degree, should not be worn for all occasions. This message, which is very evocative, could be misinterpreted by your family or in-laws.

You have been warned...


Pull sexy moche bonhomme de neige

The exhibitionist snowman

This snowman likes to show off! Your guests will not be disappointed! They will see all the beautiful attributes of this very naughty snowman.

To be worn only if your festive meal is between adults. If there are children, explain that Mr. Snowman is just getting dressed.


Pull gros bonhomme d eneige sexy

Perverse snowman

This snowman scares me very much... you too? He has a very creepy look on his face. I wouldn't like to be right next door. Especially considering the size of its carrot....

He doesn't seem very friendly. He probably didn't eat a lot of carrots ;-)

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Pull laine sexy Noël père noël


Relive a hot scene with this ugly wool sweater! Santa Claus is a real dominatrix tonight. She keeps spankin' Santa Claus with a whip. I don't know if he will be able to deliver all the gifts on time.

Maybe he wasn't wise either....

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