Female masturbation, survey result

Many thanks to all of you for responding to the survey on the subject of female masturbation. Your answers have allowed us to get to know you better. And we are not disappointed! You're on top, ladies. Long live masturbation!

The results

After dedicating a blog article on female masturbation and its different practices, we have put this survey online. Our objective: to know your habits when you give yourself solo pleasure.

Respondent Profile

More than 150 Lebisou members responded to the survey. 77.5% of female respondents are in a relationship and as you will see in the article, this does not prevent them from masturbating, on the contrary!

75% of Lebisou members who responded to the survey are between 18 and 35 years old and 23% between 36 and 55 years old. You are 58% to have children.

This introductory section shows that the panel of respondents is very heterogeneous and it is perfect! The survey results are therefore similar to those of all women, regardless of age and situation.

Giving yourself pleasure alone

femme avec des bas blancs se masturbant

Great news! You are 96% to you have already masturbated. Considering all the positive effects of masturbation on your body, your mind, your pleasure. Congratulations to all of you!

For women who have never masturbated before, she evokes for the most part the fact that they do not feel the need but also that she finds this manipulation dirty. One woman dared to admit that she didn't know how to do it. As a reminder, an online game accompanies you and gives you all the tips you need for a successful masturbation.

64% of Lebisou women members admit that they masturbate regularly. And to the question, how often do you masturbate, they answered:

  • Once a day: 12% (you're a bunch of naughty girls, I'm proud of you!!!!)
  • Several times during the week: 52% (congratulations to you too!)
  • Once a week: 27%.
  • Once a month: 6%.
  • Less often: 2% (There is only one thing left to do: give you back the pleasure of giving yourself pleasure! Lebisou is made for that, don't forget it!).

And female masturbation is not about to stop! 55% of you say that they masturbate more than before, that's good.


The orgasm

femme orgasme sextoy clitoris


For women who admitted that they masturbated less than before, they mentioned as a reason:

  • I don't have time: 15%.
  • I can never get to orgasm: 12%.

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  • I am in a relationship and completely satisfied -35%. Congratulations ladies, you've found the right one, don't leave it!!!!!
  • I don't want to: 38.5%. I also ask you the question: have you ever tested a clitoral stimulator?

For women who masturbate regularly, 50% say they reach orgasm at each masturbation and 32% are about to do so.

Erogenic zones

To the question "What levers do you use to reach orgasm? "100% of the respondents answered the clitoris and 41% of them added the vagina.

Gentlemen: a tip to help your partner reach orgasm, whether during foreplay or sexual intercourse: Think CLITORIS!!!!!!!! All our tips to properly handle the pink button by clicking here.   

You want to know more to always give more pleasure to the lady:
Be aware that 52% of women also caress their breasts and 10% caress their anus during their solo session.

It's up to you!


Being naughty

Cunnilingus avec livre Sexe cité - stella tanagra

Pepette & Messidor

44% of women have already read erotic news to get excited before masturbating. If this is your case, please note that on the Lebisou blog, you will find more than a hundred of them - under the heading "Naughty Stories".

On the other hand, 45% watch porn videos to masturbate. I don't know if you've already been told this, but you should know that for women, the imagination is very important. The more mentally excited you are, the easier it will be to reach orgasm. To do this, you have to imagine scenes that excite you particularly.

How do I know what excites me? It's very simple! All you have to do is imagine scenes that excite you particularly. It can be erotic videos, naughty books, photos seen on Lebisou, discussions with other kissers,..... So broaden the field of possibilities and become even more naughty!

couple lesbienne sexy dans un litIf it helps you, below is the list of porn videos that excite the most female Lebisou members:

  • Lesbian: 25%.
  • Sensual couple: 20%.
  • 3-way plan: 16%.
  • BDSM: 12%.
  • Gang Bang: 6%.

To your screens!!!!!!!

Masturbation in detail

Did you know that the ideal position to masturbate is on your back for 67% of you? We still have 15% of women who also like to give themselves pleasure on their stomachs and 10% sit down.

Have fun in the shower? That's yes for 74% of women. I understand you! I understand you! The shower is a time of day when you find yourself alone.... you don't need more to take a break for pleasure!

What could be more exciting for a man to see his wife masturbate in front of him? This experiment has already been carried out by 70% of you. Congratulations ladies, you're at the top!
Isn't that the case yet? This is your opportunity to show your partner in the next few days how you are doing it.


Wow! 25% of you admitted that you had already masturbated at work.... You are brave! I'm even sure it was after a naughty discussion with one of the Lebisou members... ;-) Jolo138, did you have something to do with it?

And it's not just in the bathroom! Some women admitted that they had masturbated behind their desks and one told me about the archive room...

"A period with a lot of desires, Exchange of messages rather hot....of photos from him, I couldn't hold on my office chair at work, I moved my hips, I tried to rub on my pants as much as possible. I felt, quite wet, I couldn't take it anymore. I had to go to the bathroom in a hurry. "anonymous testimony

avion au dessus des nuages

You have made us a list of the most unusual places where you have reached orgasm alone:

  • In the cinema
  • By plane
  • In a fitting room
  • In public showers
  • In public toilets
  • In the changing rooms of the pool
  • At the beach and in the sea
  • In a cellar
  • In my garden
  • In the bathroom, dormitories of an evening at a friend's house
  • In the car
  • On the bus
  • In bed with my sleeping spouse next to me
  • On the train
  • In a yurt
  • In a forest
  • In a staircase hall
  • In a Jacuzzi
  • On a television set
  • In a tent
  • In a tractor


Utiliser des sextoys pour se masturber ? C’est oui pour 58 % d’entre vous. Vos préférés :

  • Clitoral stimulator: 40%.
  • Dildo : 40 %
  • Sextoy double penetration: 20%.

And for women who don't yet have naughty toys to masturbate with, 95% of them dream of having a clitoral stimulator!


Gentlemen, it's almost Christmas... You're sure to please every time!

satisfyer pro 2 pompe clitoris




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