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Orgasm in general

80% of you say you have already had an orgasm. However, we are sad to learn that 7% do not know this feeling unequivocally and 14% are not sure they have had one in their lives.

You have already experienced 3 different orgasms:

  • Clitoral orgasm (95% of women surveyed)
  • Vaginal orgasm (73%)
  • Anal orgasm (31%)

More than 80% of women are clitoral, this LeBisou survey proves it once again. 26% of you regularly strengthen your perineum to reach orgasm.

The accessories

You were also asked if you use gel to facilitate the rise of orgasm, the answer is yes for half of you.

Women declare:

  • to 70% more easily achieve orgasm with their partner,
  • 23% alone and
  • 6% with a sextoy. We want to know the brand and model right away!

During the act

The advice you would give a friend to reach orgasm?

  • relax during the sexual act (think about slow sex!)
  • create a real relationship of trust with your partner.

You admit to masturbating (86%). 76% have already reached orgasm by masturbating (clitoral orgasm in the vast majority - 67%). It's super motivating! Come on, now let's all get started!
In any case, we are proud of you because 66% of you say you never simulate during love. On top of that, the Bisounautes!

Thanks to the survey, we learn that 40% of the women surveyed have already experienced female ejaculation.

However, we are extremely disappointed to learn that for 53% of you, your spouse does not yet have a precise map of the location of your G spot. Do not lose hope and do not hesitate to guide him during the penetration. Gentlemen, we are counting on you for the next few times!


So there, my dear Bisounautes men, you impressed us all along this investigation!
First of all, only 73% of you say you have already had an orgasm.
For all the others, your mission, if you accept it, is to have at least 1 orgasm before the next orgasm day (rest assured, you have a little less than 1 year left).
Ladies, it's also your turn to play! Your goal is to reach orgasm at the same time as your partner.

37% of men have already experienced penile orgasm and 20% have experienced prostate orgasm. LeBisou will do its best to offer you ever more exciting scenarios for 2017!

40% of men have already had an orgasm without ejaculating? And 20% appreciate sextoys to reach orgasm more easily.

A few tips for ladies:

  • the glans is their most sensitive erogenous zone (72%),
  • comes next is the base of the penis (15%)
  • and testicles (13%).

At LeBisou we also wanted to know what caused you to ejaculate quickly:

  • 39% a superb blowjob,
  • 39% penetrate your partner
  • 22% who prefer to masturbate... still, are you sure?!

We are reassured, you are 96% to admit to masturbating (for the remaining 4%, did you do the test alongside your sweetheart? It's still hard to believe...)

Ladies, did you know that? More than 50% of men are tempted by anal experience. It's time to invest in new naughty toys ;-). Especially knowing that for 28% of them, this experience has already been tried and appreciated!

Together, we only make 1


Nature is not always fair

Unlike the various scientific studies, on LeBisou, whether you are a man or a woman, your orgasm lasts between 5 and 20 seconds for 93% of you. No jealousy!
Have several orgasms in a row? An experience already lived for 70% of women and 47% of men.
Especially since, among these 70% of women, 25% say they feel this wonderful sensation as soon as they have sex. Lucky you! Lucky you! Can we say that it's probably because of the many LeBisou sexual game scenarios?

To reach orgasm more easily

Regarding the preferred positions to reach orgasm, there is a slight difference between you:

  • 41% of women enjoy missionary status
  • while for men, the doggy style is a great success - 60%.

It's all about organization!

You still agree on orgasm, which you define at 80% as an explosion of pleasure. However, the signs are different:

  • in women, you start moaning loudly (52%)
  • while in men, your heart beats faster and faster (66%).

 We want to hear from you

Want to know a new difference between the 2 sexes? The moaning! Women love to scream, scream (69%) while you, the men, oscillate between small moans and almost inaudible screams (97%). It's high time you woke up! Give way to the beast that lies within you!

We do agree on one thing, though. After the effort... the fatigue! More than 70% of us appreciate the warrior's rest.


85% of women admit to masturbating against 96% of men. The numbers are breaking records on LeBisou! Did you think your partner was masturbating? Are you already looking at each other during masturbation?

Another common question, the average length of your reports, to reassure everyone!

  • - of 5 minutes: 3%.
  • Between 5 and 15 minutes: 30%.
  • Between 15 min and 1 hour: 60%.
  • More than 1 hour: 7%.

 Do you find yourself in these results?

The foreplay

For the next question, I must confess that I was very surprised... that clichés have a hard life!
Indeed, you were asked the ideal duration of the preliminaries and we learned that 10% of women prefer to remove them against 1% of men. Like what?!

50% of women prefer them to last 10 minutes, 40% 30 minutes. For men, it's 50/50. Have men become romantic????

Not so sure! Indeed, 75% of you admit that you don't need to be in love to have an orgasm. (I would like to have the numbers of the 25%!).

Senses on alert

The last question in the quiz puts everyone in agreement. For 50% of you, touch is the most useful sense during lovemaking. And 18% of the men also ticked the sight. Ladies, remember to leave the light on to increase her pleasure tenfold.

More than 500 of you answered the great survey on orgasm conducted by LeBisou! Many thanks to all of you for your participation.


Surprised, surprised by the results?


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