The sexy handyman

The handyman, that sexy man! Discover the statistics proving that women fall in love with men who do DIY!

The handyman makes women fall in love with him

Women find that men who are more sexy than others! The myth of the sexy plumber still has a bright future ahead of it....

According to the website, 55% of the women surveyed believe that a man should know how to do things (plumbing, electricity,...). The same proportion of women (55%) report that they find handymen more attractive than other men.

Women have even identified the handyman as sexier than sportsmen and cooks!


Ranking of the sexiest jobs

Discover the TOP4 of the sexiest male professions according to women:

  1. Man in suit and tie
  2. Do-it-yourselfers
  3. Firefighters
  4. Sportsmen and women

Attention! According to a study published by the Spaceslide website, 61% of the women surveyed said that they could leave a man if he could do nothing with his hands.

At the same time, we can only understand them. It's so nice to have a man at home who can do everything! As soon as we have a little problem, he comes to the rescue! And then... it's so sexy a man sweating with his tools to help us. We almost want to help him by getting naked!

Do you have a handyman at home? Say it! Say it!

Gentlemen, this is a perfect opportunity to put on your yellow helmet and start working on it again in a sexy way!


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