The best LapDance in cinema

Lap dance is an erotic dance form. The woman dances lasciviously around a man, dressed and seated on a chair or sofa.

Lap dance in the cinema

The cinema also regularly offers very naughty Lap Dance scenes. We cannot remain insensitive to so much sensuality and eroticism.

How many men would dream of being in the place of the character sitting in the chair?

Be careful, according to the rules of Lap Dance, it is forbidden to touch, unless Madame takes Monsieur's hands to walk them on her body!

The ranking of the hottest Lap Dances in cinema

Lebisou offers you a ranking of the 6 best Lap Dances offered by the cinema. Ladies, feel free to use it as an inspiration to do the same scene tonight for your husband.

Discover for each film the lap dance video. You're not going to be disappointed!

1 - Death Proof

dead proof

Death Proof is a film directed by Quentin Tarantino with Kurt Russell, Rosario Dawson.

Synopsis :

It's at nightfall that Jungle Julia, Austin's hottest DJ, can finally relax with her best friends. This TRIO INFERNAL, which lives at night, attracts attention in all bars and dances in Texas. But the attention these 3 young women receive is not necessarily innocent.
Mike, a stuntman with a scarred face, is on their tracks, lurking in his indestructible car.

Lap dance video:

2 -  From Dusk till Dawn

 From Dusk till Dawn


From Dusk till Dawn is a film directed by Robert Rodriguez with George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino and Salma Hayek.
Synopsis :
2 criminals take a family hostage near the Mexican border, after a particularly bloody runaway. They all go together to a truck driver's bar across the Mexican border, called the "Titty Twister", an establishment that holds many surprises for them once night falls...

Lap Dance Video:


3 - 9 weeks and a half

film 9 semaine et demi lap dance

9 weeks 1/2 is a film directed by Adrian Lyne with Mickey Rourke, Kim Basinger.
Synopsis :

Elizabeth, divorced, works at the Spring Street Gallery, an art gallery in New York. It is while shopping at a Chinese grocery store that a man notices it.

Video :

Even if we have all seen it at least once before, I give you the famous video of Kim Basinger's Strip Tease.

4 - True Lies

True Lies - film avec lap dance

True Lies is a film directed by James Cameron with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis.
Synopsis :

How a secret agent will win back his wife who knows nothing about her husband's secret activities and finds him bland in the average man....

Video :


5 - Closer

closer entre adultes lap dance

Closer, entre adultes consentants is a film directed by Mike Nichols with Nathalie Portman, Julia Roberts, Jude Law,...
Synopsis :

Larry, a doctor, loves Anna, a photographer, who cheats on him with Dan. Alice, a stripper, loves Dan, a writer and manipulator, but still cheats on him with Larry.

At an extreme level, 2 men and 2 women will play the perverse game of seduction and desire. Alternating manipulations and betrayals, they start a diabolical chased away and crossed lovers from whom no one will leave unscathed.

Video :


6 - Female fatal (2002)

 femme fatale lap dance

Femme Fatale is a film directed by Brian De Palma with Rebecca Romijn and Antonio Banderas.
Synopsis :

Laura Ash, a tenebrous and venal young woman, doubles her accomplices during a robbery committed in Cannes during the Festival. Pursued to Paris, she dons the identity of her perfect double, a young widow on the verge of suicide named Lily.

On the plane that takes her to New York, she seduces a dashing 40-year-old man who is none other than the United States ambassador to France, Bruce Hewitt Watts. Seven years later, married, they appeared on the cover of a people's magazine.

But Laura's former associates, Black Tie and Racine, are still on his trail, and the photo of the traitor, stolen by Nicolas Bardo, a paparazzi who works for the magazine in question, relaunches the infernal spiral.

Intrigued by Lily, he decides to follow her. A cat and mouse game begins that will quickly prove dangerous for him.

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