The top 20 female fantasies

Some women have wanted to share their fantasies with you.


- 1 - "The two of us on a naked beach in front of a sunset. I would like to do it once in the sea and then once on a towel, on the hot sand. Then we'd both fall asleep under the stars."


- 2 - "Tie my man to a chair so that he can't touch me. I undress in front of him to let my basque appear. I waddle without touching him. I watch her sex swell to the point where it's no longer possible. I'm untiing it little by little. He then throws himself on me to make me pay for the fact of having existed without him being able to do to me what he wanted..."


- 3 - "Having worn an anal plug all day long without panties under my dress, my man punishes me for my naughtiness. He takes me, ties me up and humiliates me because I'm a "little bitch"."


- 4 - "Kiss along a highway in a clearly visible place. So that people can see us while being quiet."


- 5 - "In a moist atmosphere, I lie on the floor with my legs wide open. A beautiful, bushy redhead eats my pussy. She walks her tongue, titillates my clitoris. She gets caught in doggy style by my man and fights against pleasure so she can continue to give me some. His back and forth movements accentuated by the doggy style make me lose my mind. I have next to me a handsome black stallion. I lick and suck his hard sex. He's instructed not to touch me until I give the signal. I warm it up, take a break because the pleasure rises in me with this beautiful plant that sucks in my clitoris. I push her away and ask her to suck my man's dick. I slip between her thighs and lick her back. My handsome stallion enters me as a missionary, bites me on the tips of my breasts. I'm ready to come, but I'm holding back for my man.  I push my lover away and invite him to take care of our pretty accomplice. I find my man again, riding him with frenzy. Pleasure overwhelms us, I scream, my legs tremble, I'm fine."


- 6 - "Coming to my darling's workplace and having an unexpected relationship."


- 7 -" Lie on your stomach on a table, legs and arms apart, wearing just a thong and heels. Blindfolded eyes. With prohibition to move. I act as a table on the table. I am in the middle of a room full of beautiful guests, dressed with elegance. A mundane and perverse evening. Champagne flows freely, it talks, and at times the hands of women and men wander over my body. I hear the salacious reflections on my body from time to time in the middle of a conversation. I hear that my pussy is beautiful and that people dream of fucking me. In turn, men come to jerk off on me, touch me, put their sex in my mouth. Forcing me to jerk them off. Women stick their pussy on my mouth, finger me, rub their asses together. People fuck me, while I hear laughter, other people fuck, drinks drink. I'm just an object of submission that gets off on getting caught and humiliated by everyone and fucking like a queen."


- 8 - "A gangbang with several men. To be submissive to them, beaten,..."


- 9 - "To be offered, blindfolded, music headphones on the ears, tied, for multi-hand massage."


- 10 - "Making love with a colleague in a storage room at my workplace."


- 11 - "Making love with another man in the presence of my husband is my great sexual desire. Seeing my husband masturbate while my fucker takes me in all positions until anal penetration."


- 12 - "Making love in a luxurious place, with a muscular and well-built man."


- 13 - "Making love in a cabin with tinted windows in the city centre."


- 14 - "Making love in an elevator with a stranger."


- 15 - "Making love in weightlessness with 2 men."


- 16 - "Making love in a latex suit."


- 17 - "I would like my man to surprise me with a romantic weekend in a super hotel with jacuzzi, sauna,... He would take me to one of those relaxing places and blindfold me. He would start kissing me and caressing me gently. And two more hands would join us and caress me too. The 2 men would each take one of my hands to make me touch their trained sex.... My hands start to caress both my partners, they, on their side, caress my breasts...kiss me on the neck...caress my buttocks... I'm still blindfolded, I feel fingers wandering on my damp intimacy! Other fingers linger on my buttocks, trying to fit between my buttocks.... I start sucking on one of my men one night while the other penetrates me teacher


- 18 - "Sleeping with a stranger in a public place where you have to hide and make as little noise as possible. The danger of being spotted excites me a lot."


- 19- "Getting caught savagely by a colleague against a wall..."


- 20 - "I found myself completely naked in front of several men and/or women."


Unusual female fantasies

- "Meet a woman to have a good time while our husbands watch us."


- "At an outdoor party with my man, I suck him in an alley. Excited, he takes me to the bathroom of a bar."


- "Falling on virgins masturbating (without being seen myself...). Then, tie them up as punishment; undress and show me. Excite them but do not allow them to touch each other. Then I blindfold them and lead the dance by exciting them more and more (with some penetrations, blowjobs, masturbations) but not allowing them to enjoy, only to eventually urinate if it gives them pleasure.  Make their "suffering" last and finally see some who enjoy it for a long time to the point of ecstasy."


- "A gangbang with my man... we'd be attacked together by an army of men who were big and oiled like gladiators."


- "A scenario over a week in which I become his slave of pleasures. Several times a day I should serve my companion. During the weekend I would be entirely devoted to her until the final climax."


- "A trio with another man, someone with whom I would have a very good feeling and who would make me very envious. A beautiful hotel room with lots of possibilities, music, bubbles, candles and some toys to spend a full night making love to 3. Two men, two tongues, four hands, just for me."


- "An orgy of women."


- "In a castle, to be offered to the appetites of all without restraint, in a refined setting with masked men, without exchanging sentences. Starting atmosphere of the movie Eyes wild shut."


Fantasies realized

lesbienne candaulisme


Many women have already realized their fantasies. Find their testimonies below.


  "With my darling, we dressed very chic and created an atmosphere in our living room: bar, music, cocktail and played a scenario where we met for the first time in this bar."


- "Making love in the movies on a Saturday night in the middle of an armored session."


- "I have long had the fantasy of double penetration, as it is out of the question for us to involve a third person in our couple we have invested in various anal plugs, and recently a dildo with rings to attach to the cock and balls of the gentleman! Some nights, when my man realizes that my little hole is all wiggling, he opens our magic drawer and chooses the little game that will make me get the most out of it! So I can live my fantasy while being the wife of only one man!"


- "I was chained, naked, arms and legs crossed, almost suspended, whipped and gored."


- "I had an affair with a man recently, and during one of our meetings, another man was there and we had sex on three."


- "I met a man at a party, he became my lover. With him I discovered sodomy and three-way sex with two men."


- "I went with my husband to join a man in a bar in a skirt without panties, we had a drink, I started to feel a hand rising up along my stockings and then came to pet my little kitty. With the excitement rising, we decide to walk to our lover's apartment. Now it's 2 hands that I feel under my skirt while walking. We get in the elevator and there is a general excitement, I drop the pants of my two suitors and start sucking them one after the other. My husband blocks the elevator, I don't stop anymore. The two men lured me into the apartment. The three of us had an unforgettable time..."


- "My boyfriend offered me the chance to suck two dicks at the same time. I loved it, especially the fact that my boyfriend gave me to a stranger. He had a very beautiful penis: P "P


- "My fantasy was to be "raped" by two men in a fitting room. I told my man at the time about it, he had organized everything: while I was shopping, I went into a cabin to try on a skirt, a man I don't know between then, held my arms in my back, and another one between then and blindfolded me, he tied my arms and legs. then they caressed me while undressing me and then took me one by one, then a double penetration so pleasant. a real pleasure

 - "My partner tied me up on the balcony in the middle of the night, I couldn't do anything but let him make love to me."


- "My biggest fantasy was a threesome with my man and my best friend. Since then, we've done it very often."


- "We had a naughty picnic! While walking in the countryside, we settled on the grass to take a short break. No one around, we were alone in this little corner of the countryside! We kissed... we both had the same idea in mind. Very quickly, the caresses became very intimate, my man pressed me to the ground, pulled up my skirt and penetrated quickly and deeply!"


- "We were at the cinema with my friend, sitting in the back, as far away from other moviegoers as possible. With the lights off, my heart was pounding, my hands were like ice cubes when his mouth touched mine... our kiss was passionate, endless! Our languages played with each other. My tongue licked her open lips and then sank between them... I felt the desire to flow and escape from my sex in excitement, wetting my panties and beyond, my jeans! Unable to do so, I pulled her hand over my thigh glued to hers and guided her into my half-open pants. His fingers naturally found their place in me and came and went and plunged me into a moan of pleasure. It was an explosion of almost immediate pleasure, so intense that I crushed my mouth with the back of my hand." Lutime


- "I've already been tied up and spanked."


- "Submit my man, handcuff him, play with an ice cube and turn him on until he begs me to penetrate."


- "Submit a man. Yet proud and macho in appearance, I was able to find the key to his sexual submission, and it was exceptional. His body belonged to me. His ass, his mouth, his whole being was at my disposal and I took my foot to fuck him with a belt bucket, whip his ass, prevent him from coming, force him to lick me anywhere on my body. I experienced it as a beautiful proof of love. »


- "A doggy style on a car hood in the middle of nature. »


- "One day my favorite came and I blindfolded him, then I put him on the love sofa, tied his wrists and ankles, took care of him a little. Then I took off his blindfold and gave him a naughty show, to show him how I enjoy myself when I'm alone. "Vanyfraiz



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