Chat for naughty encounters between couples

Come and chat with the other members of the Lebisou site for naughty encounters between couples!

Online chat for naughty dating

Free & unlimited

Lebisou offers a free and unlimited chat to discover the other members of the Lebisou community.

Come and chat for free with men and women about naughty topics! Get to know yourself better by talking about common passions, preliminaries, favorite positions, libertine,...

Even organize virtual naughty aperitifs!

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Exchange of naughty photos

On the naughty Lebisou chat room, you can even exchange sensual photos! And all this for free!

With a little imagination, you can follow another Bisounaute couple's sexual intercourse live. Discover new ways to make love, new positions and tips to reach orgasm more easily.

The chat is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. You can exchange naughty photos with your friends throughout the day and... of the night!

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Certified members

ALL our members present are certified. They are all REAL people. In the Lebisou chat room, there are more than 80% of couples.

You want to embark on the great adventure of libertine but you still have doubts, questions, questions? Start by chatting with other couples to make virtual free exchanges.

Discussion rooms

Lebisou launched the discussion rooms a few weeks ago. The principle: create your own chat room for free and invite several men or women from the Lebisou community.

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Create a chat room:

  • Click on "Chat" (top right)
  • Then on "Salon"
  • Write an invented salon name (for example SEXXX58469)
  • Communicate the name of this chat room to guests

It's up to you to launch an interesting mischievous subject to have as many interactions as possible.

Chat on Lebisou

Lebisou Registration

To enjoy all the Lebisou benefits (access to the many naughty photo galleries, sex games, sex coach,...) you need to have an account.

Creating an account is free for everyone.

All you have to do is enter your first name, a username and your email address: it's very fast!

You receive a confirmation email with a link to click to validate your account.

Create an account

Authentic Warranty

To access the naughty chat and meet people online, you must have the "Certified Member" medal.

This medal is a real guarantee of trust for other members.

Note: you must have this medal so that other Bisounautes can enjoy your photos.

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Win the Certified Member Medal:

  • Launch the game "Become a Certified Member"
  • Send a picture of yourself with the inscription "Lebisou" marked on the body or on a small piece of paper
  • A Lebisou admin will check your authenticity
  • Upon validation, a "Certified Member" medal will be awarded to you
  • You will then be able to enjoy the free Lebisou chat in complete serenity.

Tips for certification

Make a picture that is recognizable enough to compare with the other pictures and be sure it is the same person.


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