What does the colour of your lingerie mean?

Each colour has a meaning, even in lingerie! Lebisou tells you all about the symbolism of colours in lingerie.

Do you like black lingerie? You swear by the red? Do you only buy coloured underwear? Discover the full meaning of lingerie colours. By learning the meaning of each colour, you will now choose your lingerie according to your intentions

    Tell me the color of your lingerie, and I'll tell you who you are!

Luxury in black

sous vêtement noir

Black is very controversial because it actually reflects the absence of colour. For some, the black reminds us of death, demons, witches,... on the other hand, it means power, formality and mystery. In fashion, black has always been a favourite because of its slimming effects and its touch of sophistication.

In addition to being ideal for hiding physical imperfections, black is very erotic in the eyes of men. The mystery that surrounds the black poses you as the goddess of voluptuous sexuality.

lingerie couleur noir


Blue lingerie, the favorite color of the French

lingerie couleur bleu

The current trend in colour? The blue one! Blue is indeed THE star colour. Go anywhere, discreet, we love it.

Symbol of the sky and the sea, blue reassures. It is a rather discreet and comforting colour.

Blue is the color of royalty for a natural and serene woman. It is the specific color of women used to take the first step.

Red, synonymous with passion

Red is a color full of opposition! It is linked to both love and passion but also to crime and violence. One could even say that it is the color of seduction. Wearing red lingerie means envy, lack...

Gentlemen, if you see a woman in red underwear, go for it!

Did you know that the red color can increase the heart rate? Ideal to excite any man and raise the temperature, for a passionate, ardent, unforgettable evening.

give30 lingerie rouge

White, purity and innocence

lingerie couleur blanche

The white symbolizes purity and innocence. Symbol of peace, innocence, virginity, light, the colour white accompanies us throughout our lives. The white color also represents cleanliness.

It is the perfect choice to look ingenious or inexperienced. Wearing white lingerie is perfect for letting yourself be dominated. The woman who wears white is usually an assiduous student and very girl nextdoor.

Other colours


Flesh colour

The flesh-coloured or powder-coloured bras and panties reveal a natural, easy and open personality.


Green is the colour of nature par excellence. It is the most daring and confident women who wear lingerie of this colour. The green lingerie is also ideal to enhance tanned skin.



lingerie jaune
This colour suggests good mood and joie de vivre. Yellow lingerie is worn in summer. It is indeed ideal to enhance the tanned complexion. Be careful, this color can hurt your eyes when you look at it.

Yellow lingerie brings feelings of playfulness, warmth and an easy-going attitude.


Grey lingerie is associated with a peaceful, shy, unadventurous person. On the other hand, it indicates a person who is completely loyal to the partner. If you want to show your partner your deep love, it's a color to choose.


soutien gorge undiz bisounours rose

Pink automatically triggers thoughts of little girls, bubble gum, Barbie, Care Bear,... Pink lingerie is the color of the mischievous and childish woman. Women with pink underwear are often great romantics, sweet and in great need of affection. They are sensual and feminine.

Know that wearing pink lingerie can make your lover calm, quiet and wise.

    So... Are you blue, red, white or black?

    The choice is yours!


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