How to wear a garter belt?

A real object of seduction, the garter belt makes minds fall. Do you know how to put on and wear a garter belt? You like lingerie and you want to buy a garter belt? To know everything about the garter belt.

How is the garter belt doing?

As you wish! It is up to you to decide according to your desires, your preferences and your morphology. It is a real trendy lingerie accessory.

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Indeed, a garter belt can be worn at the waist or in low waist mode.

  • High waist (at the bottom of the waist): gives a retro, almost burlesque look. Stretches the legs and tightens the waist.
  • Low waist (placed on the hips): gives a more modern look.  Stretches the bust and enhances your kidney fall.

When wearing your suspender belt, you should feel comfortable. Before any purchase, make sure that the fasteners hold the socks securely.

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The suspender belt is worn with dresses and skirts.

To avoid the "vulgar" / "provocative" effect, do not wear dresses that are too short or the fasteners will show.

The suspender belt can also be seen under tight jeans.

Does the suspender belt fit over the panties?

Once again, it's up to you! There are no real rules about wearing panties with the garter belt. However, we advise you to wear your panties under the suspender belt. It is indeed more aesthetically pleasing.

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However, if you want to wear your suspender belt for the day, it is better to wear your panties over it. You will then have much less difficulty once you reach the toilet.


Which stockings to choose?

The suspender belt is worn with classic stockings.

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Are you afraid your stockings won't hold? For more confidence, you can always opt for stay up stockings with your suspender belt. This ensures you a double security.

However, care must be taken when purchasing self-adhesive stockings. The silicone strip should not be too thick, otherwise you will have difficulty hanging it on your suspender belt.

How to attach the suspenders of the suspender belt?

Follow the different steps one by one:

  • Get into a sitting position,
  • Put on your socks,
  • Staple your suspender belt,
  • Loosen the garters,
  • Hang the back suspenders by pinning the bottom between the two parts of the suspender, passing the button, located under the bottom, into the hook, which is located above the bottom.
  • Finish with the front ones,
  • Adjust all straps properly. The stocking and garter should be tight, without pulling.

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The length of the suspenders is adjustable according to your preferences and the comfort you are looking for. Lie them down if you plan to sit for a long time. On the contrary, shorten them if you have to walk often.


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