The Pool

New Erotic written by HanaKa Lin .

My Teacher's Message

We had to see each other in a few days normally, and yet I still had no news from my Master, it made me extremely nervous, sad and irritable. The questions circled in my head: did I make a mistake, worse a fault? Was it a punishment? Was he tired of me? This last idea was like a stab in the chest, I felt this terrible pain ... It is true that I could sometimes be insolent, even indocile ... it is also true that this is not the first time he leaves me so long without news ... It's stronger than me I'm afraid he will get tired of me ...
The I wake up at D-day, crying in bed, hear my phone vibrate:


See you tomorrow at 19:30 in Valence station. Take good hiking shoes.


Wiping my tears with the back of my hand I'm about to answer with a series of questions when a new message arrives:


Do not answer! No contacts before tomorrow 19:30! It's Order!


Excitement and joy too! Euphoria I would say even without exaggeration. How can this man have such a hold on me? I still do not understand, but only the joy felt counts.
What should I bring? Where are my shoes? Which train to take in which station? What time to go? What has he imagined yet? To this last question I feel a little tingling in the lower abdomen, a delicious sensation that has become familiar since I've been around it. A furious desire to caress me takes me.
It's not reasonable! I have to get myself ready. It would be a shame if I missed the train!

Step # 1

Be sure to be impeccable ... here is where my anxieties lead me, having to do everything urgently! To think about how to be the best to please him ... to remember our last meeting, chills and thrills, heat invade my intimacy. Want ... No! I have to concentrate.

Step # 2

Prepare my timed route. Reserve the tickets.

Step # 3

Preparing my suitcase ... No, my backpack is better if you have to walk. What did he imagine again?

Scheduling the appointment

Hummmmm here I lie, naked, on my bed gently caressing me . Impossible to resist then so much to yield once and for all. Especially since he did not forbid it. Slowly my fingers slide along my wet desire slot, back on my button, turn around gently, slightly ... hummm my Master, his hypnotic look, his sensual mouth, his voice warm and rough or soft, his hands hummm ... My fingers speed up their ballet, more supported.

Go from time to time in the heat of my cave, then return to dance on my swollen clit of desire . I take my delicious little dildo , I need at least that! It too slips on my wet slit, I press, the vibration begins, I slip his love button, I think back to my Master, his gestures, his words, his tail and I push the vibrator into me at once and enjoyed instantly, taking convulsive spasms of pleasure.

It's almost 2am! Quickly finish my bag and sleep. Too excited to fall asleep is with a zombie look that I arrive on the platform of the departure Gare de Lyon.
Just installed I collapse sleep.

Once in the second train, I begin to refresh myself in the toilet and change me. I take off my underwear and put on my little light dress. I'm going back to sit excited and looking forward to seeing him again soon.

Meeting with my Master

I get off the train, inform me about the time on my mobile: 19h32. SMS:


I arrived! Where are you?


I scan my cell phone for what seems to be an eternity, then instinctively I raise my head you are there a few meters, you fix me, grabbed by your look I head for you < / strong>, as magnetic.

You do not give me time to say a word. You take me by the arm and tell me to come. You take us sandwiches at the counter of the station, hold out mine without a word and start you I'm two steps behind you as usual, pressing the pace not to let me fall behind. We arrive in front of a car you take my bag, put it in the trunk and put you in the wheel. I hasten to get on your side. Once installed I'm about to ask you a question, I do not even have time to open my mouth, the order slap like a whip :


"Shut up! "


I'm sorry, I can only watch you stealthily. Did you feel my dismay? Your hot hand lands on my thigh contact me immediately electrifies; my breath becomes jerky.


"Calm down little bitch, you'll have to be very patient"


A disappointed sigh escapes me. You start laughing. Naughty!
Enjoying a red light alangui, your hand is curious, , nosy even when you discover my cock free sex and soaked. " It may be necessary to take a short break on our journey finally " you say with a small smile ... satisfied?

I can not help a broad smile on my face. I'm thrilled.

I admire the beautiful landscape by the window. That France is beautiful! Then the time starts to seem long ... We do it when this break? I take a look at you, focused on driving. I can not help but sigh brightly. " Patience little bitch ". The night is almost full ... You leave the high road to engage in a small country road. " Are we here? " I let go, no longer holding it. You give me a dark look. Oops I talked.

" I'm going to rest a bit " you say coldly. I make a disappointed pout. " You can only blame yourself ". I lower my head. With you punishments are really punishments do not bother to whip whip where other revelations. " Sleep! " You lie down and fall asleep. How do you want me to sleep? But since I have no other choice, I obey. I close my eyes and wait for sleep, which finally comes quickly.


The narrow path

When I wake up you have already taken the road and the day comes up. At last you park near a narrow path. You look at my feet


«-where are your walking shoes?
-In my bag.
-Well undress and put them on! "


I look at you incredulously. You turn your back on me and also put yourself to undress. So I imitate you a little uncomfortable ... I look around, there is no one.
Once ready you grab my hand and say to me; " do not worry, I'm here. Everything will be alright. Come "you put a cap on my head, draw me to kiss you savagely and get you started without letting go of my hand.

The narrow path sinks into a thick forest and I think I enter another world, mysterious. Coming out of the forest a dazzling sight, in the rising sun, is offered to us. The river surrounded by high chalky white cliffs. The river is empty and silent and there at the turn of a path: a splendid natural pool dug in the rock . After leaving your shoes, you say, " follow me! " and dive into the clear wave.


I follow you in the cool waters of the morning, and swim to you. You embrace me and tell me that I can express myself again, I breathe a sigh of pleasure that dies on your lips since you kiss me ...

Tight against you I feel your hard member against my stomach and my nipples erect, crushed on your chest, warm my whole body. I feel a finger creep into me gently, what a delight, I can not prevent a groan from escaping my lips. I cling to your shoulders, rub my pelvis against your member, I want you ! I want to feel you in me!


"Patience little bitch in heat. You must earn your reward ... "


Saying you sit on a rock leaning against rocks. You have water up to the waist, but I can easily see your cock erect under clear water. I take a deep breath and plunge my head under the water to conquer this monument dedicated to pleasure . When my lips close on your firm stem, I feel your hands on my head, one slips to my shoulder and helps me to stay under the water, the other caresses my hair tenderly. What an unprecedented sensation, even if I have to take my breath regularly, I try to stay the longest immersed which gives me a slight sensation of pleasant dizziness, even euphoric! Passing your hands under my shoulders, you lift me up and draw me to you: " go, come here " and you impale me on you.

I believe that a first enjoyment picks me immediately, so my desire for you was strong. You then remain motionless, leaving me the initiative ... I wildly ride you, while you devour my lips, the passion taking us both to heaven, in an explosive common enjoyment.

Thank you Master.


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