My first exhib

Faithful member Lebisou, Mr Andromaque gives us a new testimony of his past libertine.


Bar naughty

During my introspection in the libertine environment, I discovered a pub "naughty" where straight, gay, transvestite and transsexual could spend a pleasant evening in mutual respect.

One evening not wanting to receive a couple at our home, I proposed to meet them in this cozy place with a cozy atmosphere. After a few exchanges and refreshments, the very enterprising lady proposed to me to visit the different alcoves that the boss had told us and that had intrigued us.



Pole Dance

After descending a narrow staircase, we discover the dancing part of the pub. My evening partner invited me to watch her swing on the rhythm of the music, playing with her eyes and spinning around a pole dance bar. I already felt the warmth invade me.

A couple accompanied by a man came to settle on a sofa to attend this dance too. My favorite dancer took me by the hand to put me back to this bar. These hands started by opening my white shirt to caress my chest. For her part, she dropped her dress. She was wearing a royal blue lace lingerie set and exquisite stockings. All along, she continued to jiggle on the sound. Here I am transformed into '' Paul dance '' (lol) ...

Things went very fast. Feeling a certain tension in my jeans, she decided to go check on what emotion I found myself. She unbuttoned one button after another then pulled my member hardened in front of our audience, already exhilarated by our naughty games.


Naughty exchanges

Leaning against the bar I felt my cock engulf greedily in this expert mouth. I glanced at the trio who was taking care of the lady. She devoured me the look! On my side, I was sucked generously by my new friend.

In my turn I decided to take care of her. I pointed to a bar stool. She took a seat there. I unhooked this bra. He hid a beautiful chest with beautiful areolas and nipples pointing desire. I began to search for licks and suck while leaving one of my hands to browse the body that had put me in such a state.

I heard right next to the trio who in turn flattered us with their frolic. I knelt to put my head in her crotch she opened. I parted with one hand her thong to discover swollen lips and sex already wet. I hastened to taste his nectar and smell his smells, my tongue searched. She lifted her legs so I took the path of her little hole to lick him while shaking her clit and introducing my thumb into her vagina. She let out cries of ecstasy. I got up and lowered my pants to the ankles, I did not put underpants that night ...


In full show libertine

I took his legs in hand to lift them up to my shoulders. Slowly I slid my penis down this slit, thus moistening her little golden knob. She spread her lips with two fingers to show me her warmth and then delicately I introduce myself in it following the rhythm of a softer music.

She pinched one of her nipples while continuing to polish her little purple flower. I glanced again to the couch to see that the lady was exasperated on all fours, wanking one of the men while looking at us, which excited me and led me to give great bangs to my partner who did not hide his pleasure by yelling at each of my assaults. His orgasm was intense.

I withdrew and she kneeled in front of my penis standing in front of his face so that I poured into his mouth masturbating me. Before the show that in turn our fellows feasted me, she swallowed easily my seed. I heard the other woman shout her enjoyment by devouring me with attention.

We got dressed and went back up. Applause resounded. We did not understand until we looked up to see that on a screen of the pub, a camera was filming the alcoves of the dance floor. The boss invited us to a last drink by making us a VIP member of the pub. First embarrassed and flattered, we joined our companions to finish the evening with us for other shares in 4 ...




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